Is Vfw Closing A Sign Of The Times?


Last night I witnessed, and took part in, something that should have never happened in this community, this state or country.
Payson Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9829 will be history after 20 years as of June 2003.
The Payson Post has approximately 150 paid members on paper; however, last night there were 15 members present. The post quartermaster sent letters to all the members regarding the importance of last night's meeting -- the election of new officers. As a result, the fifteen members present reluctantly voted to close Post 9829. Most of the 15 members present are, or have been, officers for many years, and have been carrying the load for most of the other members.
My wife and I recently moved to Payson from the East Coast, and we totally enjoy the area, from the weather, outdoor activities, to the friendly people, and I wanted to get involved in the community so I joined VFW Post 9829 in January 2003. Of the four meetings I have attended, the least in attendance was 13 members, and the most was 15 -- out of 150!
Maybe it is "a sign of the times," people are too busy, don't care, too many people are "joiners" not participants, I don't know, and maybe it is a local thing, but it is still a shame.
Larry E. Cusey, Payson

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