Let Your Voice Be Heard This September



Payson, September is right around the corner. That is the time we get to have our voice counted. We will be voting on parks-recreation, police, fire department, roads and our water. All the department heads must have their wish list in, and the ad-hoc committee to accept or reject. Then, by the first of May for the September bond election.

There is an ad-hoc committee working on a community center. On that committee is Payson's last mayor. He made a comment to the newspaper that if the committee center isn't built he will run for mayor again and, "By God, it will be built." He could be right if we don't get out and vote. Whether he wants the building or not, isn't the issue. It is whether we, as a community, want and need all the expense and upkeep at this time. It is not for just a few people to make this call. It is for the majority of our town to decide.

I am not for this at this time. The war, taxes, etc. are an issue. We need to take care of what we already have -- like the rodeo grounds, streets, library, police, fire department and water. Having your name on something isn't the reason to push a project through. Remember, "Evil rules when good men do nothing." Vote. We are at war so the people of that country can have freedom of voice and be able to vote. Your voice is important and needs to be heard at the polls in September.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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