Quality Of Life A Good Measure For Progress


Progress, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Does one measure progress in numbers? If so, then the town of Payson has indeed seen progress in the past year.


From Ponderosa Village Shopping Center (at left) to Payson Village Shopping Center (at right), the Rim country business community seemed to thrive in 2002.

Consider the following statistics from the town building department:

  • 83 single family residences were built in Payson during 2002. The year before, there were only 164 built;
  • 48 manufactured homes went up in Payson during 2002, seven more than were installed the previous year;
  • 0 new businesses were constructed in 2002; only 13 were built in 2001.

Other signs of progress?

The town's business license department reports that 227 business licenses were issued in 2002. The year before, 219 were issued.

Do these numbers give any insight into the progress of the Rim country in the past 12 months?

Not necessarily.

Progress can't only be measured in numbers. It also can be measured by the personal stories of Rim country residents: by the folks who come together to raise funds for a sick child; the mom-and-pop merchants who've struggled to make it through another year; the elderly resident whose life was made easier by the services of the Payson Senior Center.

If quality of life is the yardstick by which we measure progress, then 2002 was another banner year in Rim country.

Turn the pages of this year's Progress edition, and read about the businesses, services, residents and programs that shaped our lives during the 12 months that were 2002.

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