What's Up?


Q: In a recent "What's Up" column, a question was asked about water use at Chaparral Pines' golf course. I understand they use effluent, but what about The Rim Club across the street?

A: "They use effluent too," Public Works Director Buzz Walker said.

Q: I've been saving and donating Campbell's Soup labels for years and giving them to the schools for education. Have they ever received anything worthwhile, or anything at all?

A: Keep those soup labels coming, and General Foods boxtops as well. Items earned by schools through the program so far include educational videos, computer software, and Igloo water coolers and ice chests. One school is currently saving for a digital camera that costs 33,000 labels.

Labels and boxtops can be sent to the school of your choice or to the district office. If they are sent to the district office without a school designated, they will be divided equally among all the schools. For more information, call the district office at 474-2070.

Q: Besides the other cuts that have been announced, I heard that the strings programs at the high school and middle school were being cut as electives and eliminated altogether at Julia Randall Elementary. Is it true?

A: "No. 1, it's not an elective course," PUSD Superintendent Herb Weissenfels said. "In the high school it's never been given elective credit. Its always been an (extracurricular) thing because we're limited to paying for it out of Credit for Kids money."

While no decision has yet been made about what form it will take, Weissenfels assured us that there will be some form of strings program.

"We're not sure how much and where," he said. "The high school only had one person enrolled in that last year, so we're evaluating whether its numbers merit continuing. It will be up to the principals as they balance that."

Credit for Kids money is separate from the regular budget and therefore not subject to the shortfall that has caused the district to reduce staff and programs.

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