Chitwood, Gary Wayne


Gary Wayne Chitwood is the son of Gary L. Chitwood, fleet manager at Chapman Auto Center of Payson.

Gary W. is with the 937th Engineering Group at Camp Virginia in Kuwait. He arrived on the border of Kuwait and Iraq in mid-February. For his first three weeks there, he assisted an engineering group building bridges to advance troops from the south.

Gary W. is a signal specialist, a code talker for the Army.

After completion of the bridges, Gary W. was assigned to assist the 3-7 Cavalry on the drive to Baghdad.

"He tells me that the camps are named after each state that was attacked on 9/11. I haven't talked to Gary since the first of March, but I think they would be close to Baghdad. I pray for his safety and return home," writes his father Gary L.

In addition to his father living in Payson, Gary W. also has a brother, Layne and an uncle, Earl, here. Two other brothers, Trevor and Drew, live in Coolidge.

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