Heath, Adrian


Second Lieutenant Adrian Heath, U.S. Marine Corps, son of Mary and Russ Goddard of Payson, is with the 1st Division, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines on the front line of the war in Iraq.

Adrian went into the Marines on 9-11-01. He graduated from Officers Candidate School in Quantico, Va. in December 2001. He went on to Officers Training School and infantry specialization in 2002. He is also a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. His resolve, before he left for the Middle East, was to do the job he was trained for, knowing that his strong faith in God would carry him through.

Lt. Heath has 27 men for whom he is responsible. He writes, "As an officer in the Marine Corps, when your men sweat, you sweat. When they are tired, you get tired. And, when your men have worked hard, you give them time to be by themselves, away from us (the officer), to allow them time to bond. Right now, in the background, (I'm in my tent), I hear them all joking around with each other."

"Friends and family from all across America are praying for you," his mother writes.

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