Creekside Owners' Grandson In Kuwait



While many of us go on with everyday life, we don't really know what it's like to have a son or daughter in the war. We don't know what it's like to worry if they will come home alive or injured or maybe not come home at all. I cannot imagine living with that thought everyday.

John and Olive Matus, owners of Creekside Restaurant, and their daughter, Susie Armstrong, live with that fear every day.

John and Olive have a grandson, Dan Armstrong, in Kuwait. Many of us remember Danny when he was younger and he used to come up to Christopher Creek to visit his grandparents. He would be seen in the restaurant helping bus tables for Olive or helping her in the kitchen.

Armstrong is all grown-up now and serving with the first Marines Expeditionary force based at Camp Pendleton in California, attached to the 6th Engineer Support Battalion, whose primary mission is storage and supply of bulk fuel and water.

An update March 22 by journalist Nahal Toosi in Southern Iraq reports: "One alert earlier in the day went especially badly for the Bulk Fuel Company C, based in Phoenix, AZ.

The Marines were in full protective gear: masks, jackets, hoods, pants, gloves, and boots. The sun was relentless, and some of the bunkers didn't have enough space for all the people who frantically tried to swarm in. One Marine passed out. Another almost passed out. As did this reporter. All three were taken to a tent, where their gear was loosened (the bugs were still flying around, after all, so the gas must not have gotten here yet), and they were made to drink three liters of water.

Later in the day as the sun was setting, a group of Marines stood in a bunker waiting to be let out. Suddenly, one looked up in the sky and saw a moving light. "What the (expletive) is that?" he asked. "Oh (expletive)!" "Get down! Get down!" The Marines ducked down, and the sand from the sides of the bunker poured over them. It was an outgoing missile."

In a letter from one mother to another, Susie Armstrong tells of her worry for her son.

"I have never been in such a tough, heartbreaking, tear-jerking, soul-ripping time. It never leaves me. I am so glad Daniel didn't join the army or any Special Forces unit. I ache for the loved ones of the P.O.W's. It's amazing how all these demonstrators all over the world don't affect me, not one bit anymore. They just don't have a clue. I wrote Daniel not to be complacent about his safety. If anyone tries to surrender to him he should make them take off all their clothes and then lie down in the dirt."

While we worry about everyday things this is what some mothers of military personnel have to face everyday.

John, Olive and Susie, our thoughts and prayers are with Danny and his company and we pray they all come home safe and very soon.

Easter Egg Hunt

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