Fishing Season Has Arrived At Tonto Creek



My husband Bill and I went fishing at Tonto Creek this past week. The creek is moving very fast so the fish are harder to catch, let alone find them.

The trout are barely catchable, very small, and we have not caught our limit.

I know as the season goes on, the fishing will get better, but just being out there and trying is good enough for me.

We have had our first meal of fresh trout, and nothing tastes better.

Doing the can-can

There was a whole lot of canning going on in Tonto Village Monday night.

Every six months or so, the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can foods for anyone who would like to have a large quantity of certain foods.

This time, Bill and I and some other villagers were invited to Gary and Charlie Martin's home for this busy event.

Everyone had a job, from hauling the huge sacks of food to gathering cans, to filling them and then of course, the actual sealing of cans, and then labeling them and then boxing them up.

The whole event was truly fun, and productive besides.

Charlie had made samples of some of the food, such as refried beans and potato pearls for everyone to taste.

It was also a time for socializing and getting to know your neighbors.


I was contacted by Shelby Charter School this week to let me know of a fantastic win by some of its former students.

March 21 to 23, former students Brian Paulsen, Pete Garrett, Mark Moore and Danny Rensch won first place in the National Chess championship, high school division, held in Columbus, Ohio. All of the students are now attending Sitch Academy in Mesa. Sitch Academy is an extension of Shelby School, and continues the education that is taught at Shelby.

Congratulations to the winners. That is quite an honor for four local students to win in a National Chess Championship.


All the birthdays this week fall on April 15th, Tax Day. Bob Manning, Connie Weldon and Brett Zekoff will all be adding candles to their birthday cakes on that day. Happy birthday to all of you.

Pool shots

Loren Long took first place in last Sunday's pool games after a lot of pushing and prodding by his buddies to play. Loren had not picked up a pool stick for almost a year, and he won.

Roger Boyington, our local timber boss, and Double D Restaurant owner Ethel Cain took second and third place. This Sunday, Chuck Huth, Bob Mundo and Tyson Morris were the top shooters.

Tuesday's ladies winners were Jennifer from Christopher Creek (sorry, I don't know your last name), Michelle Grundy and Phyllis Mullen.

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