Let The Whistle Blow



I agree with Anna Mae, let the whistle blow.

When I moved here, the sawmill was still open and the whistle blew. Then, the sawmill was gone, and so was the whistle. I missed it. Now, it's back, and I love it.

I live in the heart of the "lawsuit danger" area, and no one has approached me with a petition. I live on Frontier Street (close to Sandra Montbleau). My husband works nights - sleeps during the day. The whistle has never awakened him. I have a business on Main Street, and the only reaction (if there even is one) I get from my clients is a smile and a story about a town whistle from somewhere else they lived, or like Jimmy Connolly, "When you hear the whistle, come home."

It's a shame that the whistle only blows twice a day (not four), even if it is temporary.

Anna Mae, Gordon Whiting and Jimmy Connolly have saved a great big piece of Payson's history, and I thank them.

Minette Richardson, Payson

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