Strings Program Must Be Allowed To Continue



This letter is in response to the What's Up article regarding the strings program at the Payson High School in the April 8 issue.

I am the parent of two current high school students who have been in the strings program since elementary school. The high school program has always been for credit -- I have it on my two daughters' high school transcripts.

Although I have questioned the credit status for this current semester, with Mr. Weissenfels, I have been told nothing, so I assume that it is still for credit. The strings teacher has been paid out of the regular budget in the past at the high school -- not Credit for Kids.

I would like to correct another error. Last year, there were five students in the high school program, and currently there are four students registered -- not one as the article states. The fact that the students meet at the same time, in the same room, with the same curriculum and the same teacher, I don't think that the students should be in any way penalized regarding credit. My children have received credit and they still should, even if the teacher is going to be paid with Credit for Kids money and not the regular budget. Why should a student suffer by not receiving credit just because of the way the teacher is paid? That makes no sense whatsoever. The school should be serving the students' best interests.

The late Mrs. Ilene Gonzales started a wonderful strings program over eight years ago, my current high school daughter was a founding member, and it has grown immensely. I think everything that is possible should be done to see that the program continues, and that all of our students who wish to take advantage of the strings program should be able to.

Diane Jackson, parent, Payson

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