Dog's Death Could Have Been Avoided



I am writing this in response to your front page article (Friday, April 4) about the death of "Tonto."

The ultimate responsibility in his death belongs to that of his owner, Mary Hansen, who failed to have him neutered. He could just have easily been run over by a car in his lustful wanderings.

And, to the Clynes: If you don't have your dog spayed, expect other males looking for a romantic fling to find their way into your yard. Maybe the next male won't be so "gentle" with your 2-year old grandchild.

And, to the Payson Humane Society, you may want to start making room for the litter of unwanted puppies that will probably result from this unfortunate meeting.

And last, but not least, to the animal control officer, I sympathize with you. You were just trying to do your job.

John Lawrence, Pine

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