New Water Rates: The Aftermath



As fate would have it, on the Thursday morning of the Payson Town Council meeting, my water heater burst and flooded our basement and left me unable to attend the meeting. However, I was able to view the town council proceedings via cable TV on Friday.

Lost in the discussion was the cost per gallon of the user. At the end of the day, the lower consumption user will pay a higher cost per gallon than the higher consumption user.

Many facts and figures were given by various attendees. The most striking was that there were 8,000 residential users and 400 business users, who used 66 percent and 34 percent respectively of the total water consumption. In other words, 95.2 percent of the users use 66 percent of the water and 4.8 percent of the users use 34 percent of the water available for the town of Payson.

Amazingly, the mayor of Payson (who had the only dissenting vote) argued that the residential users who consumed the majority of the water, should bear the burden of the cost.

My question to the mayor is: Who do you represent: 95.2 percent of your constituents, or 4.8 percent?

I would also add that the 4.8 percent are able to write-off the cost of the stamp to send the water bill payment, as well as the cost of their water, from their income, before they pay taxes to the town of Payson. The other 95.2 percent can't, and many of those are on fixed incomes without the ability to offset the price increase imposed on them. Then, they pay their taxes.

See you at the polls.

John G. Wakelin, Payson

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