Say Goodbye To The United Nations



Why do many Americans buy the lie that an international government body, such as the United Nations, could really be the best answer in rebuilding Iraq?

For that matter, why does anyone believe the United Nations can bring the world closer to peace?

In 12 years, the United Nations couldn't enforce its own resolutions, thus allowing Iraq to become the serious threat to the United States that it was. Yet, while the United Nations condemns the United States for its actions against Iraq, it fails to "correct" the flagrant violations of human rights in countries such as Uganda, Rwanda and Kosovo.

It is an economic fact that the taxpayers of America pay 90 percent of the annual budget of the United Nations, while the rest of the world pays 10 percent.

I don't know about the rest of you taxpayers, but I'm not willing to watch the United Nations redistribute the wealth of America to the third-world nations.

Say goodbye to the United Nations, and let America, Great Britain and Iraq decide who rebuilds Iraq.

David Wait, Payson

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