What's Up?


Q: How are those new signs powered at the intersection of Highway 87 and Main Street?

A: We assume you're referring to the new Main Street gateway signs, which are solar powered, according to Karen Greenspoon, Main Street project manager.

The 16-foot-long curved stucco signs, funded by a grant and private donations, were designed to represent several elements of the Rim country's heritage. The cowboy symbolizes the Main Street origin of Payson's August Doin's rodeo, the logs represent the logging industry and Sawmill Crossing, and a peak at the center of the sign represents the Rim country.

McIntyre Construction designed and built the sign at no cost.

Q: Why does the sanitation district processing plant hum in the evening?

A: It hums because that's what it's supposed to do, according to Joel Goode, general manager of the facility located on a three-acre site just west of Payson Golf Course on Country Club Lane, aka West Doll Baby Ranch Road.

"This is a facility that has lots of moving equipment and motors and pumps and things that run 24 hours a day to process the wastewater that comes to us from the community," Goode said. "Most of it is inside buildings, but there are some things that are outside on the basins and on some of the tanks.

"Our closest neighbor is the golf course, but I guess there is the possibility that you could hear this place running in the night. The lights are on and things are happening."

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