Winter Makes Brief Return To Tonto Village



Snow fell on Tonto Village Monday night and into the next morning, making the village look like a picture postcard. Most of the snow melted as soon as it hit the ground, but enough of the snow stayed to make a pretty sight.

There was enough snow that fell however, to block out our satellite signal for our television set for about four hours. The snow was heavy as it fell hitting the ponderosa pines and taking the signal out.

The elk are looking for food along Johnson Boulevard. This past weekend there were at least four or five that came through our yard and ate the tops of the irises and took the birdseed bells that I had hung on the apple trees. They come through our yard as soon as it starts getting light, that's too early for me to take a picture of them.

I need to try out the new digital camera my husband gave me for Christmas. This past weekend we went to Phoenix again and we attended two more digital camera classes. I need to use the knowledge I have learned and send a picture along with this column.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger has suggested that we put yellow ribbons on the trees along Johnson Boulevard. If anyone has a suggestion or any other ideas, call him at 478-0404 or 478-4875. I like this idea, so maybe someone out there knows where we can get a bunch of yellow ribbon.

Wood permits are now available from the Forest Service. The permits are good for taking down and dead trees in the forest. If you need any more information just stop by the office on Highway 260.

Work is continuing on clearing out the small trees and brush from the perimeter of Tonto Village. If you would like to help, please call the fire station at 478-4875.

Pool shots

I mentioned in the April 4th column that Jennifer from Christopher Creek won second place in the pool tournament. This week I have a full name: Jennifer Kiley. Good luck to you in future games, Jennifer.

Tuesday winners were Linda Stailey, Nancy Olson and Phyllis Mullen. Sunday's winners were Cliff Landrum, Ethel Cain and Doug Paul.


I reported the name of the school wrong in last week's column about the four former students at Shelby School who won the high school national chess championship, and that they continue their education at Fitch Academy, not Sitch Academy. That was my mistake, sorry if it confused anyone.

Bear Flats

Mary Mctyre, a longtime resident of Bear Flats, will be returning to her home for the rest of the summer during the Easter holiday. Mary has been spending time with her family in Sierra Vista.

I want to wish all my readers a blessed Easter holiday, and to enjoy the time spent with your families. Nothing is more precious than to remember those times spent together.

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