Is There A New Stop Sign On Your Street?


There's a new show in Payson, and I've got a front-row seat.

From the front deck of my home in north Payson, I have a breathtaking view of the Mogollon Rim.

I have an even better view of the new stop sign the town installed on Alpine Heights Drive at Camelot. That's where the show takes place, kind of like reality TV.

Since the stop sign was installed last month, it has become somewhat of a pastime to sit on my deck and watch motorists plow through the intersection, oblivious to the big, red octagon. And it's amazing to see the variety of drivers who are not obeying the new sign; young teenagers, elderly residents, delivery people ... I even saw a man driving a town of Payson truck drive right through without ever touching the brake pedal.

What I'm learning from my new hobby is just how little attention drivers pay to their surroundings.

Alpine Heights is a quiet neighborhood, filled with friendly folks who like to take strolls, walk the dog or just visit the neighbor across the street. The sign was originally requested for the top and bottom of Alpine Heights Drive to slow traffic coming down the hill.

It's not working.

The sign has been up for about a month now, and day in and day out, people are failing to recognize the universal symbol for STOP.

In the past few weeks, Payson Police officers have made an attempt to enforce the traffic change, and have even chased down a few of the offenders. But our police force is spread thin, and traffic enforcement on a residential street is not exactly a high-priority call.

Not yet, anyway. But the day may come when this reality TV show turns tragic; when two cars driven by unaware motorists collide, or worse, a pedestrian gets hit.

When you're driving around your neighborhood today, make sure you are paying attention to the road ahead. You never know where a new stop sign may suddenly appear.

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