Rim Country Boys Become Newest Eagle Scouts


A Court of Honor was convened Friday, March 28 to honor Payson's newest Eagle Scouts: David Cluff, David Hill and Michael Winterholler.

Each young man is required to complete a significant community service project to earn their Eagle rank. All three of these scouts lead work projects in Linden, Ariz. following the Rodeo-Chediski fire.


"You would be surprised how little is left of a home that is burned down," David Hill said. Hill, along with David Cluff and Michael Winterholler, spent some time last summer helping the residents of Linden clean up after the Rodeo-Chediski Fire destroyed much of the area.

David Hill and Michael Winterholler led teams of local Boy Scouts in providing nearly 700 man hours of labor in July 2002 to the community of Linden. They camped there with their Scout Troop #454 for eight days, and spent the time "literally putting people's homes in garbage cans," Hill said.

"You would be surprised how little is left of a home that is burned down," he said.

Cluff's project followed three months later, when he led several Scouts back up to Linden to clear lots. Hundreds of trees and acres of burned manzanita bushes had to be cut down and carried to the roadsides for chipper teams. The chipper crews came by later to grind all the dead trees and shrubbery into the ground cover to be spread out over the bare ground to help prevent erosion.

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