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Q: Why are there no baby swings at Green Valley Park and so few at Rumsey Park?

A: The issues are liability, money and space.

"Unfortunately it's a fact of life when it comes to liability," Parks Director Bill Schwind said. "The way parks go these days is that separate playgrounds need to be developed for different age groups of children. You can't put certain pieces of apparatus close to or adjoining other types of apparatus. When it comes to children's swings, they have to be spaced at a distance our insurance is good with."

At Rumsey, there are separate children's playground areas and a large group playground area, but at Green Valley the playground is "one big pit, and we are limited to placing apparatus within that pit to certain distances of curbs and other apparatus."

Schwind has requested funding to "address the issue" at Rumsey.

"The whole playground at Rumsey needs a complete makeover, but it's a function of money and limitations of space," he said.

Q: Could you please set the record straight. Here in Show Low it has been roamed that Payson's baseball team lost to Snowflake. Have a hard time believing that Payson could lose to Snowflake.

A: Payson won the game. The Snowflake coach was ejected from the game but refused to leave so officials called the game during the sixth inning. The final score was 10 to 4, Longhorns.

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