Jim White Honored As Businessman Of The Year


Former mayoral candidate and State Legislator Jim White has been honored by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

White was appointed to serve on the Business Advisory Council last fall, taking the post of co-chairman. He has now been named Businessman of the Year and has been invited to the President's Dinner May 21.

The Business Advisory Council is part of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and is dedicated to making sure that small business has a voice in Washington.

"I'm very surprised and very happy to be named 2003 Businessman of the Year. I have had about seven businesses over the years and have two now, even though I'm retired. I'm very happy to get the award," White said. He said he is making arrangements to attend the Washington, D.C. dinner.

His current businesses are Mogollon Research and Development, which does market research for businesses and people interested in running for office and Azjim Enterprises, an Internet business selling his wife's crafts, dolls, screensavers, plus, through a link, custom-made children's clothes. The website is www.arizonajim.com

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