Tidwell Has Best Bonnet In Easter Parade



Sunday's Easter egg hunt brought out the young and the old and it was head-to-head so to speak in the Easter bonnet contest, but older is better, or should I say mature.

Longtime resident and the nicest lady in Christopher Creek was the winner of the contest, and that was Mimi Tidwell. She came in first place and Michael and Daniel Ron tied for second place.

About 25 children showed up to romp through the forest in search of eggs.

The weather was great and everyone had a great time.

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association Spring Clean-up begins at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 3. They will have a county dumpster parked along Columbine in Skip Ashby's meadow. There will be a 25 cent charge for each bag of leaves and needles. This year you can also bring bundles of small twigs and branches, at the same price.

They will also have a pick-up crew with trucks and trailers. If you need their pick-up service call either Gary at 478-4075, or Karen at 478-4133 to let them know where to make the pick-up.

When you are cleaning up your place, note if there are leaves, needles, or debris on the adjoining properties. It will make your place safer if you pick it up or let you neighbor know about the clean-up. If your neighbor is never up and the property is a hazard, let the association know.

If everyone works together, they can have fun and make the community a lot safer.

Beginning at 10 a.m. the children in the community will meet at the walking bridge on Apple Lane to participate in the Kids Klean up the Kreek.

Participants will be given plastic bags to gather trash, papers, cans, etc, that has fallen from the trees during the winter.

They will report back to the bridge when done and will receive a T-shirt for all their hard work.

Beginning at noon, there will be a weenie roast in the meadow for all the workers, big and small. All you need to bring is a chair.

As you munch on hot dogs, representatives of the fire department will speak and provide valuable information on steps you need to take to better protect yourselves and our community from fire.

Whether you participate in the clean-up or not, come have a dog and a listen.

Don't forget the Annual Rusty cooper Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament scheduled for May 17 at Pine Meadows Country Club in Overgaard. For more information, call (928) 535-5148 or (928) 478-4273.

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