Turn Your Business Dreams Into Reality


One of the wonders of the free enterprise system is the ability of you, or me, and everyone to open a business. All it takes is an idea, money, a location and "stuff."

Sometimes the idea is nothing more than a repackage of something that works back in Liberal, Kan. or Midland, Mich. Supposedly if it does well in Hometown, USA it should do as well in Star Valley or Pine.

Normally, the idea is hatched during the chill of a winter's night when you have a terrible case of heartburn. That fleeting thought is captured in mid-air and scribbled on a bedside notepad. In a flash, a business is born.

Money, on the other hand, is usually created during the light of day. You may have to cash in a policy or IRA, take out a loan or pledge love and family values to a parent or not-too-distant relative. In nearly every case, you still do not have enough money.

A good location is often a pipe dream. To locate where everyone will see you and where everyone can make a left turn is rather pricey. Usually you will locate your fledgling business in a space that you can afford. Though less than good, it beats all the worse spots.

"Stuff" is made up of connections, items that are given or loaned to you, free labor from sisters-in-law and friends, and support from the community. Stuff is also guts, maturity and common sense. Lacking enough stuff might cause you to dig a lot deeper into your pockets and bank account to open those doors on the first day or hope to keep those doors ajar for months to come.

When everything looks bleak you will definitely be forced to dig deep into your stuff and decide if your business model is right, if you should close and try again later or sell out to someone else and cut your losses. Like the movie, having the "right stuff" is vital to own and operate a business.

Around the Payson area, there are some new businesses that think they have the right model. On Highway 87, there is a bedliner firm fixin' to open, a new business taking over the building occupied by Orleans French Quarter antiques, and the health club at Sawmill Crossing has opened.

Over on Highway 260, the building next to Arby's Restaurant is leased and tenant improvements are taking place. Wonder what is coming in?

The Day Spa is up and running. Look for a grand opening sooner than later. Yes, they were located on 87 next to the post office.

That building across Payson Town Hall is Blockbuster Video. They are on schedule, as is Walgreens across from Chapman. They might open by early to mid-summer, but the road improvements are critical before they unlock the front door.

If you think you have what it takes to be a leader and create your own business, come chat with the chamber, Scott Flake at PREDC or Judy Miller (SBA specialist) at the community college. They can help you with many areas, but you will have to provide the idea and "have the right stuff."

Business Showcase

Yeah, that is a circus tent. It will be in place on Saturday when the Business Showcase kicks off from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Plan on coming and spend a few hours, register for seven dozen door prizes and find ways to improve your lifestyle by contracting with our local service and product provider.

On Sunday is the yard sale -- 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you need a space, call 474-4515. What a great way to make lots of money.

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