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Q: On Sunday, April 13, there was a procession of all kinds of cars going through town with American flags. It was very impressive and I looked through Tuesday's Roundup to see what it was all about but I couldn't find anything. What's up with this?

A: The Roundup ran a photo of one of the vehicles on page 8A of the Tuesday, April 15 Roundup. The cutline under the photo explains what it was all about:

"Waving flags and honking horns, a police-escorted procession of classic cars and hot rods drove through Payson Sunday to show support for U.S. troops protecting freedom throughout the world. The Rim Country Classic Car Club and Famous Sam's hosted the event called "Cruise for the Troops." Cars were decorated with flags and patriotic colors and were later parked on display in front of Famous Sam's."

Q: I heard that the town paid the owners of Doll Baby Ranch $20,000 for permission to drill seven wells. If water is found then they will try to make a deal because we don't have the rights to the water -- just to drill the wells. What's the scoop on that?

A: "We're on hole three, which we're deepening to 535 feet, but none of the wells have been very productive down there yet," Mike Ploughe, town hydrologist said. "I'm disappointed so far, but there are still a few more holes to drill.

"There were certain things that went into play and there was an exchange of money for access, but the majority of that was to pay for legal fees they incurred in drafting the documents and agreements.

"In terms of the assurances as to the town getting what it finds, Buzz (Walker, town public works director) wouldn't have gone into the deal unless there were some assurances that if we found something it could be worked out. The bottom line is whether we find it or they find it, the water is going to be used in Payson."

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