Let Them Know You Support Tax Relief Package



Certainly with the television, newspaper and radio coverage starting to spend less time on the war, we can now get some information about what bills are being passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. We've been in the dark for the past month, and that is a scary thing.

Those who represent us in Washington get by with enough tricky stuff when we get news of it every day. Who knows what might have gone through while we were looking at something else?

One thing we keep an eye on is the tax cuts proposed by the president. There are some in his own party who are working against him on this. Try as they might to make us believe we won't be better off with more of our own money in our pockets, we know better. Tax cuts works for everyone. Look to the East, they are after us again. Surely, they could find a way to agree to stop taxing stock dividends twice. That would be a start.

We want to make sure the ones who represent Arizona know that we support the president's tax relief package, so isn't it worth the price of a phone call or a fax?

Randy Jackson, Payson

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