We Only Have Ourselves To Blame



Who is to blame for the proposed cutbacks, the malaise, and the disenchantment in our local (Payson Unified School District), and Arizona state educational systems?

Does the blame belong solely or jointly to our local school board, our local administrators, the State Board of Education, the Legislature, and/or the Arizona Department of Education?

While all of these groups can claim some responsibility for the declining state affairs in our educational institutions, the main blame belongs to an unlikely and generally unnamed group: us.

We, the franchised voters of Arizona, continue to elect decision-makers that underfund education, are afraid of voting for increased monies for our schools, and favor tax cuts for businesses and industries while shortchanging our children and our future.

What's a voter to do? Locally, we can impress upon our PUSD school board and administration that an override election should be considered. Fine arts and Spanish should both be offered at the middle school. Elementary physical education is as important as math and English in the curriculum.

Statewide, we need to elect any official to an office regardless of gender, race, party affiliation, political leanings, or socioeconomic status as long as they are documented advocates for children and education.

Education is not so much an expense as it is an investment. Until we, the voters, decide to elect thinking, caring, and far-sighted and educationally oriented candidates, we'll continue to have tax-cutters and education naysayers making our decision.s

We'll only have ourselves to blame.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D., Payson

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