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Q: Brooke Utilities water bills have all kinds of valuable information on them to help people keep track of how much water they use. They tell you how much water you used per day compared to last month and the same month last year. The town's water bills don't have any of that kind of information. If the town wants people to cut down on water consumption, why don't they give people more information about what they are using?

A: Good question, says town hydrologist Mike Ploughe, and a new water bill format is under discussion at the water department.

"To date, it's been print the bills the simplest and cheapest way they can be printed to save money," Ploughe said. "That's why it's done on those little cards. With the software we are using, we have the capability to provide some of that same information (Brooke provides) and there is an interest in doing that. But it's not something we can just generate. There's going to have to be some time and materials invested. We may have to get new printing equipment. My guess is that it is something that will come into play this next fiscal year."

Q: The Roundup always publishes people who have been charged and sentenced for a crime. How come you don't print the outcome for people who have had their charges dropped?

A: The Roundup does print notice of a defendant's charges being dropped, when that information is provided either by the court or the defendant. In the future, we will work harder to make sure that information is included whenever charges are dropped, or when someone is found innocent of a crime.

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