Stories for August 2003


Thursday, August 28

Rain a factor in bus accident

Pouring rain and driver error are the suspected causes of an accident involving a school bus yesterday at 2:57 p.m., Payson Police Officer Molly Hunt said.

Chief doesn't instigate, he inspires

I've read several people attempting to defame our present fire chief with being an instigator or troublemaker. These people do not know Mr. Kent Courtney, nor are they even volunteers. One is a paid employee of the board, another has past issues with most of the volunteers and the other is a fire board officer.

Strodes celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

Ron and Mary Ann (Brown) Strode will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sept. 1, 2003. They were married Sept. 1, 1953 in Canton, Ill.

Armstrong, Jones net $2,500 prize

Only a few years ago, 20-year-old Levi Armstrong was best known as a standout Payson High School three-sport athlete.

A community that cares

I want to thank the editor of the Payson Roundup, the Payson High School staff, Officer Steve Montgomery, Jill Shearer and the students who came forward for helping to recover my bike that was stolen from the high school recently.

Cheer on Longhorn runners

Payson High School cross country coach Chuck Hardt is the first to admit that long distance running is a lonely sport that attracts a special type of athlete.

Five cats die in trailer fire

A short in electrical wiring is the cause of a fire that engulfed a travel trailer at Kachina Mobile Home Park, Tuesday afternoon. Although no humans were injured, five cats were killed in the fire, said Fire Marshal Jack Babb.

PAHH match attracts more than 100 golfers

More than 100 golfers representing, Prescott, Sierra Vista, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Payson turned out for the Pioneer Title Agency Benefit Golf Tournament.

Monsoon storms stop traffic and flood roads

Nearly 1.5 inches of rain fell in Payson Tuesday and an additional 1.78 inches was recorded by the Payson Ranger Station Wednesday as monsoon storms fueled by extra moisture from Tropical Storm Ignacio engulfed Arizona.

A new look for an old highway


If you have not been around Highway 260 and Control Road, there is a drastic change of scenery. The work has started for the new highway just across the entrance of Tonto Village.

Ranger district reducing Pine fire danger

The Payson Ranger District wants public input on proposed "vegetation treatments" for 1,350 acres of Tonto National Forest land adjacent to the southern boundary of Pine.

Couple follow their joy to life's work in Pine/Strawberry

Michael Tust started his working life employed by a contractor.

Golf team built on 'strong tradition'

The biggest challenge facing the Longhorn golf team this season is to carry on the winning tradition built while Payson High was a member of the 3A East region.

September ‘phenomenal' for topwater fishing


When September approaches, bass fishermen start to break out the topwater lures. Topwater fishing is just about everybody's favorite technique and this is the time of year where you could experience some phenomenal fishing.

Spend Labor Day at the arts and crafts fair


The Arts and Crafts Fair this Labor Day weekend is the last one of the season.

Horns face much-improved Colts

Tonight in Longhorn stadium, the Payson Longhorns kick off their football season in 4A against Glendale Cortez.

Judith Rae Nichols

Judith Rae (Parmenter) Nichols, 37, of Payson, died Aug. 26, 2003.

Fred Miles McWilliams

Fred Miles McWilliams, 70, of Payson, died Aug. 19, 2003 in Carlsbad, Calif.

Smith, Payne wed

Shayna Marie Smith and Lieut. Jimmy Allen Payne of Dayton, Ohio were married July 12, 2003.

Spragins, Anderson marry

Alan Spragins and Tina Anderson were united in marriage, and celebrated their birthdays on the same date, August 23, 2003.

Neumans reunited

Holli and Rob Neuman were reunited in marriage in a private ceremony held July 30, 2003.

Emma Lewis

Emma Lewis was born July 31, 2003 at Payson Regional Medical Center.

What's up?

Q: What is happening with the rubble from that old house that was torn down on Main Street?

No clue about western lands

In regard to Craig Crane's letter: Mr. Crane, where do you think the lumber and materials came from for your home?

One bad apple can spoil the fun

This past Saturday, my friends and I took our kids to the Rye Bar and Grill. It says right out front that it's a "family" place.

Water abuse affects us all

Concerning the heavy water users and their reasoning for keeping their landscaping watered to maintain higher property values: if we all had the same mentality, we would soon run out of water. Where would our property values be then?

Most homeowners are trying to conserve water

Re: Water usage, as defined on the front page of the Roundup (Aug. 15).

How does naming names promote conservation?

Your recent story, naming residents with high water use, implicitly suggests they waste water, yet admits that no laws were broken. The assumption of waste failed to present evidence showing abuse. It remains unclear how naming names promotes conservation.

Courtney is a good friend and mentor

From time to time, I read in the Roundup, letters and articles about the Christopher-Kohl's Fire Department. and our leader, Kent Courtney. I know Kent well, and the man who has so far been described in the Roundup is not the man I know.

Parenting class not just for moms, dads

My wife and I were married when we were 19. We were still trying to find our place in the world of husbands and wives when we were suddenly launched into a whole new universe -- as parents.

Powell will spend decade in prison

Rick Earl Powell, charged with a long list of crimes including drug trafficking and the burglary of the local food bank last year, was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill to 13.5 years in prison.

Landmark Beach Party set for Aug. 31


With all of this rain, the forest is really green and it has been really nice not having to worry about fire danger.

Low-flow toilet giveaway begins again

The town of Payson is embarking on a second round of free toilet replacements in September.

Tuesday, August 26

Cooking class recipes can be made at home with ease


All things Tuscan are the rage these days -- the bright, heart-tugging colors are featured in just about every home decorating magazine on the racks. Hardly a week goes by without the Tuscany influence being the subject of television home improvement shows in one way or another. The region is the frequent topic of travel articles; and then there is the food.

Repaying the state we love to hate


Like you, I've been sitting back watching events unfold in California with some bemusement.

Cucina cooks: Store demonstrations successful; chef brings classes to restaurant


This summer, Chef Gerardo Moceri of Cucina Paradiso and the Payson Bashas' have teamed up to give Rim country residents a look at Italian cooking with monthly demonstrations.

Heart attacks were few in Rim country


"Who me? Heart attack? No way!"

Monday, August 25

Sun Devils wrap at Camp Tontozona

After conducting most of their eight-day preseason practice sessions at Rumsey Park, the 22nd nationally ranked Arizona State University Sun Devils eagerly returned Aug. 21 to Camp Tontozona.

School lunches getting healthier

There's a showdown in progress at Rim Country Middle School, as a group of seventh-grade girls square off against changes in the school lunch menu designed to make meals more nutritious.

Fred Miles McWilliams

Fred Miles McWilliams, 70, of Payson, died Aug. 19, 2003 in Carlsbad, Calif.

Barbara Skalocky

Barbara Skalocky, 80, of Payson, died Aug. 22, 2003.

What's up?

Q: Is the town planning anything this year for the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks?

Resident petitions ACC for a Pine hearing

It is no secret that Pine has a water problem. More specifically, the residents of Pine have a water problem. Brooke Utilities, the owners of Pine Water Company, do not.

Bill would provide equality to rural and urban hospitals

I write to express my full support for Medicare reform and prescription drug legislation that is being considered by Congress. This bill will provide a valuable benefit to our senior citizens, as well as creating more choices through private insurance plans for Medicare beneficiaries to choose from.

Changing face of America

Re: Illegal Immigration: It is a great source of encouragement for man to feel that he has conscience on his side. In the bout for illegals, this great land of freedom is being used by large corporations to smuggle workers from all over the world. They call it the Brain Drain.

Remembering old-time car repairs

I have enjoyed Stan Brown's articles on the history of our area very much, and especially the one about Sunflower. It reminded me of the time we had an adventure on the old Bush Highway (five hours, and two tires, from the Valley), which was a classic of travel "in the good old days."

Horns spice up home opener with kicking contest

The Longhorns regular season opening football game Friday night against the Cortez Colts will offer fans an opportunity to test their kicking skills.

Registration begins for Cards' flag football league

Arizona Cardinals NFL flag football is coming to the Rim country.

Vehicle plunges off Beeline north of Rye

A man driving south on Highway 87 lost control and went into a ravine about five miles north of Rye Monday morning.

Police increasing volunteer force

The Payson Police Department wants to get the word out that it's looking for more volunteers in time for the training in September.

Organization posts ballot primer

Although there are only four issues on the ballot, some residents have found voting to be a complicated ordeal in this election.

Legislators defend passing of SB1105

Your recent editorial criticizing the State Legislature over provisional community college district funding ("Legislators Short Change Gila County") was not only unfair, it was inaccurate. In your attempt to portray our efforts in a negative light, you somehow left out many key facts.

Community college funding a muddy issue

In their Guest Comment in this issue, legislators Jack Brown, Jake Flake and Bill Konopnicki call into question our Aug. 8 editorial in which we referred to their support of Senate Bill 1105 as curious.

Horns work out bugs against Snowflake

As usual, results from Friday evening's Payson vs. Snowflake controlled scrimmage are mixed.

Sky watchers get a close-up of Mars

A close encounter with the Red planet is on the horizon.

Chandler man killed in motorcycle accident

A Chandler man died Friday morning when his motorcycle crashed into an embankment at milepost 224 on Highway 87.

County sets tax rate, shows slight drop

Talking about the tax rates set by the Gila County Board of Supervisors Aug. 18, Dist. 1 Supervisor Ron Christensen points out the average of all county taxes showed a slight drop -- 19 cents.

Supervisors dissolve water district

The Gila County Board of Supervisors voted to "revoke the authority of the board of directors of the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District" at its regular meeting Monday.

Airport workshop series begins tonight

Airport manager Ted Anderson will be holding a series of workshops covering issues such as rates, charges, tie-down agreements and capital improvements.

Police issue community notification on sex offender

Level 3 Sex Offender Alert: The Payson Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to ARS 13-3825, the Community Notification on Sex Offenders Law.

Spay/neuter clinic runs until Thursday

The Arizona Humane Society's Mobile Spay/Neuter & Animal Wellness Center is in Payson through Thursday of this week.

Making waves: Community radio for a community that cares


A "labor of love" is how John and Lu Carpino refer to their unique radio station, KRIM 96.3 FM.

Visions of way too many Santas


Most of us have spent many a fitful night hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. Marilyn Wolfe has nightmares about seeing too many Santa Clauses.

Stories from the East Verde River


The major drainage for the Rim country west of Tonto Creek flows to the east fork of the Verde River, cutting its way through mountains and mesas to join the Verde River about 35 miles from its headwaters, as the waters flow.

Slow-pitch season comes to an end

One of the most popular Payson Parks and Recreation annual athletic offerings, men's and women's slow-pitch softball, wrapped up Aug. 21 with seven postseason tournaments.

Peace named Woman of the Year

Jayne Peace, a charter member of the Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers, was honored as the group's Woman of the Year last week and its 18th inductee to the Gila County Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame.

Thursday, August 21

Planners asked to tackle sex-related businesses

Rumors of a topless bar in northern Gila County has county officials scrambling to amend zoning ordinances.

Joyce Ann Gortariz

Joyce Ann Gortariz, 63, of Kingman, died Aug. 10, 2003 in Gallup, N.M.

Worker survives high-voltage burns

As the lights went out in his Alpine Village home, Kenny Knapp recognized the explosive sound that filled the air.

JRE bones deemed prehistoric

The mystery of the human bones found in a crawlspace under Julia Randall Elementary School continues to unravel with the determination by the Arizona State Museum that they are most likely prehistoric.

Bikers head to Wisconsin for Harley's 100th bash

A small group of Payson Harley-Davidson enthusiasts will be joining at least 600,000 of their biker buddies in Milwaukee, Wisc. next week for a monumental Harley homecoming.

Joe Jesik

Joe Jesik, 80, of Lafayette, Colo., died in Louisville, Colo. Aug. 18, 2003.

Anthony Henry Schuster

Anthony Henry Schuster, 72, of Payson, died Aug. 16, 2003, after a three-year battle with cancer.

Payson's public radio station a rare treasure

By now, many Payson residents know that there is a new radio station in town called KRIM 96.3 FM.

Build more lakes, get rid of golf courses

Your water usage story was very interesting.

Reject tax increase; vote no on bonds

The three bond issues now before us are based on the largely unpublicized premise that the only way to fund the projects is with bond debt which would be retired with revenue generated by increased sales and property tax rates. This is true only if we allow it to be true.

Animal owners, your best friend misses you

During recent months of volunteering at the Payson Humane Society, various adult cats have been brought in.

Where are the cold, hard facts?

Response to recall of Christopher/Kohls Fire Board.

Glad you don't just print 'the bad things'

I read your paper, and I'm very pleased with the information that it gives. And, I'm also pleased with your "Good Guy" articles. I'm glad to see that through all the trouble with the war, and all the kidnappings, there is still a newspaper that doesn't just print all the bad things.

Cooler temperatures finally arrive in Village


Change is in the air in Tonto Village. The night-time temperatures are just wonderful for sleeping. Our bedroom window is open all night until it starts getting a little too chilly. The temperature hovers around 55 to 60 degrees at first light. Fall can't be too far away.

Bravo for 'telling it like it is'

I just wanted to let you know that I really thought you did a great job on the article about water users in Payson.

Junior golf program awaits town approval

If John Pauley and Dave Herbert have their druthers, the youth golf program begun last summer by Payson High School coach Bret Morse will be offered throughout the year.

Eva Hope Montellano

Eva Hope Montellano was born Monday, Aug. 11, 2003.

Bacons celebrate 50 years

Darwin and Geraldine (Plautz) Bacon were married Aug. 23, 1953 at Trinity Lutheran Church, in Lincoln, Neb.

What's up?

Q: What efforts did the town make to notify the water users on the Top 10 list of their excessive use before the list was published? Is there a system in place that if my home had a broken pipe I wasn't aware of I would be notified in advance?

Water shortage a political ploy

Kudos to the nine water users who defied the tyranny of the state and municipal water providers by using the water needed to live a reasonable life style. (The 10th customer was on the top 10 list due to a water main break). Those consumers are making a statement that the rest of us need to get behind.

Go hog wild at 4-H animal auction


Grab your checkbook and support our children. It's time for the Pine animal auction.

Last chance for White's benefit pies

Today is the final day to purchase one of Pam White's delicious homemade pies.

Fishing report

Apache: Fishing is fair. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits are working well early and late in the day. Wired Worms and Texas rigged plastics have been catching quite a few bass after dark.

Longhorns, Lobos to renew 3A rivalry tonight

Payson High School's exit from the ranks of the Class 3A conference to 4A circles doesn't mean a longtime rivalry between a Beast of the East and the Longhorns is at an end.

Hope town's water list plan doesn't backfire

My first reaction to the top list of water users was anger. Here I have been feeling guilty about filling a 30 gallon play pool in my back yard so on a hot summer day, my toddlers can play on our hard sharp natural gravel landscape (because we have not been able to plant grass since we bought our home two years ago).

How about a punitive water usage rate?

Kudos to the Payson Roundup and Public Works Director Buzz to take the bold initiative and go public with the Top 10 Commercial/Residential water users list.

Virgil Millard Hill

Virgil Millard Hill, 90, of Pine and Phoenix, died July 1, 2003.

Water list demonizes residents

Cheers to the Payson Roundup for covering the issue of water conservation. There are few better topics to promote, especially during times of drought. However, doing so at the expense of privacy is not appropriate.

Town helped bank reduce water usage

On Monday, Aug. 11, Payson Public Works Director Buzz Walker visited our Bank of America banking center to express concerns over our water usage. At that time, I learned we were not drawing water from our private well only, but also using city water resources. Mr. Walker offered a water audit, which I immediately agreed to do. Later that day, I e-mailed him and set up an appointment for Friday, Aug. 15.

Attendance rebounds at Natural Bridge

Attendance at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park has rebounded this year, following a 30-percent decline last year.

TCCA opens 25th season

Celebrating its silver anniversary this year, the Tonto Community Concert Association has six super performances planned in the coming months.

Helping parents help their children

It is an exciting time in education, at least to hear Sarah Nelson talk.

There are no endless summers in the Rim country, so winterize now

Temperatures are still in the mid-90s, but once the cold edges its way back into the Rim country, there will be a rush on ways to keep it toasty inside.

Experience, inventory are key elements at Payson Art & Frame

Opening only about three months ago, Payson Art & Frame is new on the business scene of the Rim country. But owner Greg Allerton brings years of experience in framing all kinds of artwork to the community.

Improved Lady Horns set for 4A debut

Lady Longhorn senior setter Shea Hatch is eagerly anticipating the beginning of volleyball season.

We are responsible to society

I would like to applaud the Roundup for publishing the names of water abusers in the Payson area.

Tuesday, August 19

Scrapbook offers peek at Rim country 40 years ago


What was going on in Payson and the Rim country 40 years ago this summer? One of the collections at the Rim Country Museum contains the scrapbooks of the late Ralph A. Fisher, local author and outdoorsman. His scrapbook for 1963 has many clippings from that year giving us insight into how it was then.

Rim quad riders revel in getting dirty on a weekly basis


Quad riding in Tonto Village used to be a one-man sport -- now, everybody's doing it.

Our own strains of SARS


I don't know how you feel, but I hate epidemics -- especially ones that begin "severe acute."

Sandwiches the food of choice for off-road warriors


They are a rough-and-tumble lot -- the off-road warriors who live for weekends careening their quads around the back roads and trails of the Rim country. They're not afraid of the roar of ATV engines, rugged Rim roads, flying mud or all manner of insects.

Monday, August 18

Community rallies around Panther Park

When Payson Elementary School teachers Roger Rohrbach and Joanne Doyle saw a weed-infested piece of land between the school and playground a few years ago, they had an idea.

Coyote duo draws fans to Rim Country Mall

The big draw at the APS Power Play Tour's appearance in Payson was the presence of players Krystofer Kolanos and Chris Gratton.

Calderwood, Pauley top golfers in their flights

Tournament action was both hasty and heated last week at Payson Golf Course.

Veterans to boost boys cross country team

When fall sports preseason practices began Aug. 11, veteran cross country coach Chuck Hardt enthusiastically welcomed the largest turnout in the history of the program.

Donald J. Pratt

Donald J. Pratt, 70, of Tonto Basin, died Aug. 14, 2003.

Nellie M. Huggins

Nellie M. Huggins, 76, of Buena Vista, Colo, formerly of Payson, died Aug. 14, 2003, at Columbine Manor Nursing Home.

Do your part to save water

For everyone in the community who has become water responsible, thank you for doing your fair share.

Is this one of the reasons Greenspoon left?

Community bond issues are faced by most municipalities as they grow. The three different bonds each are to be voted on. Let the people of Payson vote their own decisions and try to deal with the rapid growth. I moved here ten years ago, and have seen many changes to the business climate. Some big new stores and others going out of business.

Girls hit gridiron in ‘GI Jane'

For unknown reasons, the traditional game is no longer called a "Powder Puff" football showdown. Instead the annual Payson High School event is now the "GI Jane Football Game."

What's up?

Q: Why isn't the new section of Main Street open and being used?

Trip to Washington was truly historic

Thank you. I would like to thank the Payson Roundup, and all of the people who donated to my trip to Washington, D.C.

Town should save its debt capacity for water

I spent an afternoon at town hall the end of July studying several years' budgets, in preparation for voting in the coming bonded debt election.

Devils duel at Rumsey

Mother Nature pulled a cruel trick on Arizona State University that had the Sun Devils scurrying to Rumsey Park and local residents jumping for joy.

Proud to have been a part of bridge rescue

I would like to comment on the article regarding the accident at the Tonto Natural Bridge Aug. 2. This was on the front page of the Aug. 5 Roundup.

Water list turns neighbor against neighbor

How sad you decided to take the low road along with the town of Payson in addressing the shortage of water in our community by reverting to tactics used by the Puritans of Massachusetts of bringing shame and humiliation upon wrongdoers.

Resignations cripple water board

On the verge of a possible breakthrough to a promising new source of water, the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID) board of directors has been rendered ineffective by resignations.

Reward leads to capture of one fugitive

A cash reward offered by police has led to the arrest of one fugitive, while another remains at large.

Volunteers keep vital services alive

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another," Charles Dickens wrote.

Beware when buying purebreeds


Fortunately, there are a lot of people who care nothing about a dog's pedigree. They just want a dog they can love who will love them in return. For those who want an AKC registered dog, there are some facts to keep in mind.

Electricity flowed from the wilderness


It amazes me that even in the midst of our prolonged drought, water continues to seep or flow from under the Mogollon Rim.

A Jay of all trades


He's the son of a shoe cobbler who ended up in show business in Hollywood, but his big TV show was bumped off the air after three months by none other than "Wallace and Ladmo."

Police say weekend ‘calm, for the most part'

Police were busy keeping the peace last weekend as the town was inundated with rodeo fans and late-night revelers.

K-9 Cops: Natural or learned, skills of dogs save lives


Whether a 5-pound Yorkie or a 100-pound Lab, dogs offer a sense of security for their owners. A simple bark can alert owners to a trespasser.

New teacher hired for JRE, schools crack down on dress code

Julia Randall Elementary School's brand new first-grade teacher met with her class for the first time Monday.

Fuel frenzy reaches Payson

They circle the pumps -- moving slowly, tenaciously; engines growling; mouths in tight, grim lines, eyes narrow, watching the competition, making sure no one cuts them off.

Thursday, August 14

Horns to begin season without star player

Preseason practices for Longhorn golf, cross country and volleyball teams began at after-school sessions on Monday.

How did we get so Godless, so fast?

How to take over a government.

Koetter's Sun Devils arrive at Camp Tontozona

Rim country football fans now have the opportunity for a free sneak peek at a team expected to battle for the PAC-10 championship.

Pets left in vehicles can lead to disaster

This is about Cindy, a friend of Grace. The two have known each other for 10 years.

Turnout was huge for Kid's Sake bowl-a-thon

Our second annual Bowl For Kid's Sake held Sunday Aug. 10 was a fun-filled success, thanks to the many generous people who donated time and resources to support one-on-one youth mentoring in Payson.

Making forest profitable by abuse is not acceptable

In your last Tuesday edition, a letter was written lauding the meeting of mining, ranching and timber interests with Ron Christensen to create a report which shows how our Tonto Forest can become "profitable."

Need a lift? Payson Physical Therapy has one

Rim residents in need of pool work in their physical therapy now have easier access to the healing powers of water at Payson Physical Therapy.

What's up?

Q: Referring to an Aug. 12 obituary published in the Roundup listing someone as a WWII veteran: I have a WWII vet in my household. He is almost 78 years old. He received his draft notice slightly before his high school diploma in June of 1944. Now if he was born in 1925 and was 18 and 19 during his service, how could someone at age 74 ever have served in WWII? This bothers him somewhat because he notices this discrepancy often in obituaries. I tell him it's probably because WWII was a just and unavoidable war, and those who served in that time were highly regarded. A lot of somewhat younger guys are wannabes.

Plenty of fun to be found at summer's end


Summer is winding down, but it is still too darn hot. How can one get all those late summer clean-up chores done in this heat?

The Matus family takes unexpected plunge


Recently Marge Matus went on a trip to Lake Mohave for boating.

Robert (Bob) Paul

Robert (Bob) Paul, 83, of Payson, died Aug. 12, 2003.

Water-use list can bring change

Today's Roundup features a story in which the town of Payson released its top 10 residential and commercial water users for the month of July. Publishing the names of these users was not an easy decision. Much soul searching took place among our staff.

Coach's diary details Aussie adventure

A sport and cultural exchange to the land of koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles turned into an adventure that will long be etched in the memories of 12 small-town baseball players and their coach.

Lucky cowboy

Pancho Arnold gets a sandwich-kiss from Ashley Stevens, left, and Cheri Beecroft in front of a jail cell on wheels.

The wonderful world of worms


Read a summer fishing report on just about any bass lake and you're bound to see something about worms.

Pipeline shutdown raises local fuel prices

A gasoline pipeline that shut down last Wednesday between Phoenix and Tucson remained unopened as of Friday morning and is causing shortages, price increases, and consumer irritation around the state.

Radio man to run for county supervisor

KMOG news director Dan Haapala plans to run for Gila County supervisor next year, regardless of whether incumbent Ron Christensen seeks re-election.

Arrests made for stolen bikes

Two Payson High School students were arrested Wednesday and charged with the theft of two high-end BMX-style bicycles.

Town releases top water-users list

The town of Payson has decided to go public with its top 10 residential and commercial water users in hopes of reducing consumption.

Florida man delivers suicide message across America

When 26-year-old Stevie Lee Fugate shot and killed himself on a Florida beach in 1999, he probably never thought it would trigger a crusade against suicide.

Sleeping giant awakens

Just as Sept. 11th awoke the sleeping giant of our nation, the approval of V. Gene Robinson as Bishop-elect of the Episcopal Church has awakened the sleeping giant of the Church.

New doctors join Advanced Cardiac Specialists

There are new faces at the clinic of Advanced Cardiac Specialists on East Cedar Street.

Latest rain lessens fire worries


Tonto Village finally received a measurable amount of rain on Monday evening along with heavy lightning and thunder. Our dog, Dewey started to shake and shiver, so we knew that we were in for a good storm.

Town councilors speak out on ballot issues

Part 4

In its continuing series on election issues, the Roundup asked the town's elected officials to give their thoughts on the ballot questions.

Questions answered at bond forum

The Committee to Improve Payson (CIP), with the help of volunteers from Citizens for Better Payson Government and the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, held the first of two forums on the bond issues earlier this month.

English only law ignored

Welcome to North Mexico.

Jimmy Crotts

Jimmy Crotts, 62, of Payson, died Aug. 12, 2003.

Tickets remain for DU banquet

Although ticket sales are brisk, some remain available for the Ducks Unlimited banquet and festivities, Sept. 20 at the Mazatzal Casino.

Former Payson rodeo stocker remembers tough, fun times

Stocking an event like the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo with animals is no simple task. Decades ago, it was downright daunting.

Give Rover a ride for a change of view


In last week's column, I talked about providing stimulation so your dog does not get bored. I neglected to mention going for rides in the car.

Expansion planned for Payson Feed

Payson Feed & Pet Foods has been an anchor on West Aero and Highway 87 for years. Now it has new owners, Connie and Vic Agnes and it is going to be growing.

Tuesday, August 12

Welcome to the 119th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo

A word from the mayor

Rodeo fans! On behalf of the Payson Town Council and our residents, welcome to Payson.

August Doin's fun for the whole family

If the 119th World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo participants were one combined person, they would be Johnny Knoxville ---- the performer of often crazy and painful stunts on the TV show phenomenon known as "Jackass."

Horses, clowns and Shriners make a beeline for rodeo

It's a party and it's for a good cause -- it's the annual parade for the 119th Payson August Doin's.

Send your friends to jail

Know someone you think should be locked up? Then the Rodeo Jail is just what you need.

The first family of rodeo

Honeycutt Rodeo, which includes founder Roy Honeycutt, his wife, sons, daughters and grandchildren, is a completely self-sufficient company that works cowboy-style while on the road. It has been said the company "represents a rare breed reminiscent of the Old West."

Sponsors help stuff the purse

The World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo wouldn't be enjoying its 119th consecutive year if it weren't for the sponsors who help pay the bills and make the prize money attractive enough to lure some of the top cowboys and cowgirls from across the U.S.

Justin offers a helping hand

The signature Dodge truck pulling a 40-foot trailer that reads "Justin Sports Medicine Program" will be bound for Payson again this August to care for professional rodeo athletes.

Monday, August 11

Kile fishes to sixth in angling Super Bowl

Rim country bass fishing pro Mark Kile turned in an impressive sixth-place finish at the CITGO Bassmasters Classic last week on the Louisiana Delta near New Orleans.

Anglican Church is not the Episcopal Church

The Phoenix newspapers have been full of stories and reactions to the recent election of a self-declared, openly active homosexual as the next Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire. Unfortunately, newspapers have used the word "Anglican" in reference to both the Bishop-elect and the Episcopal Church.

PUSD students ace Stanford 9

Except for ninth-graders, Payson students aced the Stanford 9 Achievement Test (SAT9).

John Ivar Johnson

John (Johny) Ivar Johnson, 74, of Payson, died Aug. 3, 2003 in Scottsdale.

Local skateboarders feel like 'outcasts'

They don't compete against other teams, no one comes to watch them play and coaches don't punish them when they screw up.

Community Kids master kung fu

Every Saturday morning, a group of children ranging from 6 to 12 years old, line up in the front yard of a house on Wade Lane and practice their kung fu moves. These future kung fu masters are participants in the Payson Community Kids program, a local nonprofit organization started by the town's housing coordinator, Marcy Rogers.

Nursing shortage leads to foreign recruits

Payson Regional Medical Center is recruiting four nurses from the Philippines. If all goes according to plan, said Missy Spencer, assistant chief executive officer of PRMC, they will be serving Rim country patients in about 12 months.

Payson MVD knowledgeable, helpful and courteous

Re: Open letter in response to Don Haedt "MVD punishes you whether needed or not."

Four-legged officers to train in Payson

More than 50 police officers and their four-legged partners will be coming to Payson for the 11th Annual K-9 Officers Survival Seminar Wednesday and Thursday.

Council OKs budget, broadband

In consecutive Payson Town Council meetings last Thursday night, members approved the fiscal 2003-2004 budget and plans to bring broadband Internet to Payson, but a controversial zoning change plan heated up the council chambers.

Rodeo's street dance returns to Main Street

The traditional celebration that follows rodeo events returns to its Main Street origins for this weekend's August Doin's.

Injured Tonto bridge tourist moved to rehab

A tourist who suffered a cracked skull at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park Saturday afternoon was moved from the intensive care unit at John C. Lincoln Hospital to St. Joseph's Hospital's rehabilitation center last Wednesday.

Missing girl found, was eluding searchers

After she spent a night in the wilderness near Young, searchers found the missing 17-year-old girl at 5:40 p.m. Tuesday. According to the Gila County Sheriff's Office, the girl is in good health, except for a possible sprained ankle.

Council battles ‘challenging' agenda

Although the agenda for Thursday's meeting of the Payson Town Council is lengthy, much of it is consent, meaning that with one vote, items can be approved.

Passing of fair sign of the times


"No fair!"

Payson Helping Payson makes a difference in residents' lives


Conrad Okerwall and his wife, Beverly, retired in Payson 15 years ago, leaving behind the harsh winters of the Midwest. Yet, Okerwall has used his spare time to help others with the organization he founded, Payson Helping Payson.

Local ranchers started the summer rodeo


Rodeo has not always been the spectator sport it is today. It originated with the daily work of cowboys.

August in the Rim country garden


As monsoon rains bring respite from the heat and the parched ground soaks up much needed moisture, it's time to think about summer maintenance.

Two lessons learned from stolen bikes

Monday morning, two boys rode their bikes to Payson High School in a hurry to get to class.

If we can imagine a solution, we can find it

Hooray for Otis M. Trimble. At least he has the interest and energy to react to my suggestions about the technology of water conservation!

Mom-and-pop shops offer sense of community

Re: Freedom of Choice

GCC critical player in economic development

Gila Community College can carry out its primary function, to offer courses through a contract with an accredited college and maintain its primary facilities, with its primary tax collected for the purpose of funding the community college.

What's up?

Q: Why is the American flag no longer welcome in the high school auditorium? We have not seen it there for more than two years.

Jesus Guzman Alvarez

Jesus (Joe) Guzman Alvarez, 83, of Payson, died Aug. 3, 2003.

Bettie Oraine Anthony

Bettie Oraine Anthony, 69, of Payson, died Aug. 7, 2003.

Wayne Wickham

Wayne Wickham, 35, of Tonto Basin, died Aug. 9, 2003 in Tonto Basin.

Rain fails to dampen fun at softball camp

About 40 aspiring players turned out Friday afternoon for the opening session of the Play Ball Girls Fast-pitch Softball Camp.

African orphanage lures local residents

Two of Taylor Pool's lifeguards have their sights set on a four-month stay in Africa.

Even holes a charm for Meyocks

Payson Women's Golf Association members gathered for their weekly tournament only to learn they were battling in a uniquely formatted "Odd or Even" links show down.

Bond issue good for Rim country athletes

More than a year ago, the Tonto Apaches stepped up to the plate and donated the sizeable amount of cash it took to finally make the state-of-the-art all-weather surface on the Payson High School track a reality.

Thursday, August 7

Jesus Guzman Alvarez

Jesus (Joe) Guzman Alvarez, 83, of Payson, died in Payson Aug. 3, 2003. He was born Dec. 10, 1919 in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.

William Patrick Wright

William Patrick Wright was born at 3:08 a.m. June 25, 2003 at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Scenery from new highway is breathtaking


Here is an update on the Highway 260 construction between Christopher Creek and Hunter Creek.

Educate, deliberate, then vote

When Americans exercise their right to vote, it is understood that the individual vote reflects careful and thoughtful personal consideration.

Mistaking history

It is always enlightening to be able to read my hometown newspaper on the web from as far away from Payson as I am. I thank you for making it possible for me to take such pleasure.

Keep Payson out of debt; vote no

As sure as God made little green apples, your property taxes are going up, and your water table is going down.

With the new tax increase, who will buy here?

Last Saturday, I stopped to pick up a few things at Safeway and found myself behind a lady, who was from some place other than Payson, complaining bitterly to the poor check-out person about the outrageously high sales tax.

Bond forum very informative

The public forum for the three bond issues Tuesday night, although poorly attended, was very informative.

Lloyd, Sayers to marry

Dionne Lloyd, eight-year Bank of America employee, and Gregory Sayers, owner of Landscapes & Restorations, Inc., are happy to announce plans of marriage.

Legislators short change Gila County

A curious issue has arisen regarding funding for Gila Community College.

Strawberry Elite steak fry set for Aug. 17


A country western steak fry is being hosted by Strawberry Elite from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 17 at the Black Bear Restaurant in Strawberry. Trouble in Paradise will entertain.

Voters to consider new fields, covered bleachers

Part 3 of 4

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department's two capital improvement projects comprise the third bond issue on the ballot.

Mystery of bones solved

The bones found recently in a crawlspace under Julia Randall Elementary School are not the result of foul play, but of a mischievous seventh-grader who put them there in 1963 to torment girls, according to Duane Kaufman.

Survivors of dead inmate sue county

When Lawrence "Bud" Blaylock walked into Gila County Jail to serve a 10-day sentence Sept. 23, 2000, nobody suspected he had less than three days to live. Now, Gila County and other officials are being sued for their role in his death.

Payson Hotshots credited for saving Ventana Canyon

The elite hotshot firefighting teams of 20, usually comprising college-age people, form each summer for the express purpose of fighting wildland fires. There are just 76 hotshot teams across the nation, including the Rim country's very own Payson Hotshots.

Coaches come forward to lead RCMS squads

The Rim Country Middle School Maverick football program now has a full staff of four coaches.

The wonderful world of jury duty


The big news this week was that my husband, Bill, was summoned for jury duty in Globe.

Lanny Gale Ross

Lanny Gale Ross, 65, of Payson, died in Payson Aug. 5, 2003.

Kathleen May Nelson

Kathleen "Kitty" May Nelson, 77, of Payson, Ariz., died Aug. 4, 2003.

Sheldon Allen Kemper

Sheldon Allen Kemper, 44, died Aug. 3, 2003.

Schedules set for new 4A season

The fall sports schedules for Payson High School's inaugural go-around in the Class 4A Grand Canyon Region have been finalized.

What's up?

Q: What is the total amount of our tax dollars spent on the Main Street project so far?

Morgan wins overall at Monsoon run

The 32 participants in the town of Payson-sponsored Monsoon 5K run/walk Aug. 2 at Green Valley Park toured the 3.1-mile course without the benefit of cool downpours that traditionally have fallen upon the event.

Ray accepts scholarship at Louisiana university

When the collegiate fast-pitch softball season gets under way at Southeastern Louisiana University, a former Lady Longhorn could be on the mound for the Lions.

Zan Hallow wins Red championship

Two men's slow-pitch softball teams, made up of players from both Globe and Payson, played their way to division championships at the National Softball Association Summerstate Tournament.

Time Out holds annual "Fun" Raiser

Payson's Time Out Shelter for victims of domestic violence is having its seventh annual fund-raising benefit on Sunday, Sept. 14.

Ashley Ann Burton

Ashley Ann Burton was born Aug. 1, 2003 at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Recalls are bad for everyone

Regarding the Christopher - Kohl's Fire District Recall:

Snake sighting strikes concerns

With the report of a nine-foot snake in their neighborhood, residents are recalling the escape of a large snake four years ago.

Creative Living, Whims join forces

If you're tickled by a whim for creative living, there is a perfect place for you in Payson's Bonanza Square.

Tuesday, August 5

Cabin fever in Rim country is an enjoyable thing


Throughout summer the Rim country is filled with families whose hearts beat faster as they exclaim to one another, "We're going to the cabin!"

Geocaching is catching on in Rim country


"What the hell is geocaching?"

Stupidity stages comeback


A story by Emily Eakin in a recent issue of the New York Times traces the history of stupidity, culminating with what she believes is its current revival.

A good breakfast can make a great day


Rim country youngsters will mark the end of their first week of school tomorrow.

Monday, August 4

'Monster' snake loose in south Payson

Two of Mike Stoner's kittens are missing and so is his neighbor's cat. When he walked out of his home Tuesday morning, he may have discovered the reason.

It's rodeo time in Rim country

If the 119th World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo participants were one combined person, they would be Johnny Knoxville ---- the performer of often crazy and painful stunts on the TV show phenomenon known as "Jackass."

Meet the Coyotes at PowerPlay Tour Aug. 14

There's no chance of the APS Power Play Tour being rained out as it was last year. That's because the tour will be held in the Rim Country Mall. Last fall, when monsoon rains sent participants scurrying for cover, the tour festivities were held at Green Valley Park.

Defending champs miss Memorial skirmish

There will be no Memorial tournament three-peat for the Payson Women's Golf Association team of Brenda Baker and Alesha Calderwood.

Gunderson sets DU festivities for Sept. 8

In only her fourth year as a member of the Payson Ducks Unlimited Chapter, Sandy Gunderson is spearheading the effort to make the annual DU Banquet an event members won't soon forget.

Rookies shine in AllStar Bass face-off

Beginners luck lifted the Payson duo of Levi Armstrong and Joey Jones to $700 in prize money and a third-place finish in the AllStar Bass Summer Nights team bass fishing tournament.

River recalls his trip Down Under

Following 18-year-old Bryce River's return from a two-week sports and cultural exchange to Australia, one of the first questions he faced was the inevitable, "Did you eat any Vegemite?"

William Armand Simmons

William "Wild Bill" Simmons, 86, of Tonto Basin, died July 31, 2003.

Eloise Mayo

Eloise Mayo, longtime resident of the Payson area, died Aug. 2, 2003.

Patricia Ann Hasty

Patricia Ann Hasty, 65, of Phoenix, died Aug. 2, 2003.

Award-winning concert pianist performs in Payson

Popular concert pianist Sam Rotman is bringing his talent to Payson, Saturday, Aug. 9 at the First Southern Baptist Church, 302 S. Ash Street.

Citizens committee goes after unkempt schools

When a New York business owner considering relocating to Payson said one of our schools reminded him of a third-world country, Scott Flake decided to do something about it.

What's up?

Q: I heard that the school is going to charge $15 a semester for students to park their cars at the Payson High School parking lot. Where does that money go?

Disincorporate Payson

One sure-fire way to eliminate never-ending machinations of the town council is to simply disincorporate Payson.

Chediski Fire questions need to be answered

I wholeheartedly agree with David McElrea's Letter to the Editor in the July 25 edition of the Roundup.

The most valuable person in the Southwest

Sun Lakes resident Allen N. Wollscheidt assures the feckless residents of Payson that he knows how to reduce our town's water consumption by 90, or even 95 percent.

Are coalition members cowards?

To the Concerned Citizens of Christopher Creek:

Proposal could save government millions

I attended a work study meeting of the Gila County Supervisors July 15. This meeting can lead to more improvement in the economics of Gila County than any program proposed in the 20 years I have lived here.

Scales of justice unbalanced in fire starter cases

There are a couple of interesting stories about justice and those so-called balanced scales she carries in the Aug. 5 edition of The Arizona Republic.

Keep your dog thinking


Just as children get bored when they have too much free time, so do our dogs -- particularly when the weather is hot and we walk and play less, the dogs spend too much time sleeping. This not only leads to obesity, but it provides no stimulation for the brain.

Back when Sunflower was a store


For the past two weeks we have been visiting the history of Sunflower, a storied spot along the Beeline Highway as one drives across the Mazatzal Mountains.

For Butler, life is best it's ever been


The first contact one has at town hall is usually Senior Clerk Tracie Butler. She is the smiling face through the glass window and the high, girlish voice on the telephone.

Kindness still key for family doctor


In nearly a half century of practicing medicine, Dr. Robert Cuthbertson has seen a lot of changes.

County budget lower than planned

Dealing with a $61.5 million budget, last minute changes totaling only about $22,000 don't make a big dent, but in tight times every little bit help.

Quotskuyva pleads guilty to attempted burglary

One of three young men charged in the beating of a young man with a ball peen hammer last summer, pleaded guilty to attempted burglary Monday.

Search warrant results in two arrests in Payson Ranchos

Two Payson residents were arrested on drug charges Saturday night on Saddle Lane, while in the company of three children.

BIA agent shot by sheriff's deputy

A Bureau of Indian Affairs agent was shot and killed by a Gila County Sheriff's deputy in Globe Saturday night when the agent allegedly pulled a gun on the deputy during a traffic stop.

Special council meeting includes budget, broadband, zoning change

The town council will hold a special meeting Thursday to nail down next year's budget and take care of business after nearly a month without any meetings.

Crews search for missing girl south of Young

A 17-year-old girl has been missing since noon yesterday when she left her camp 15 miles southeast of Young on Forest Road 202.

Vote for streets, safety, parks

The Capital Improvements Projects Committee worked many long hours to arrive at the $9,112,889 worth of bonds that it felt were the most important of the $40 million in projects that was presented to the group.

Boy blamed for tourist's cracked skull

A tourist visiting the Tonto Natural Bridge Saturday was air-lifted to John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix after a rock thrown from above cracked her skull. She was in fair condition as of Tuesday morning.