Chediski Fire Questions Need To Be Answered



I wholeheartedly agree with David McElrea's Letter to the Editor in the July 25 edition of the Roundup.

Mr. McElrea asks why numerous, troublesome questions regarding the Chediski Fire remain unanswered a year later.

Perhaps the investigation was never undertaken because of a conflict of jurisdiction -- whether BIA, U.S. Forest Service, tribal or other. Nevertheless, millions of taxpayer dollars spent in fighting the fire and untold heartache for those who lost everything as a result, gives us the right to demand answers as to what (Valinda Jo) Elliott and her companion were doing in a closed area; why she left the vehicle; how he found his way out; what happened to the vehicle; why there is no record of the television helicopter pilot's statement (if, indeed, one was ever taken) and other questions Mr. McElrea raises. Is this a case of criminal intent, or criminal negligence? Was there a cover-up?

Let's get to the bottom of this -- better late than never.

Carol Zebb, Payson

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