Special Council Meeting Includes Budget, Broadband, Zoning Change


The town council will hold a special meeting Thursday to nail down next year's budget and take care of business after nearly a month without any meetings.

Budget adoption

After months of work on the Fiscal Year 2003-2004 budget, the Payson Town Council will vote on its adoption Thursday night.

"We don't expect any changes," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said.

Part of the budget is the primary and secondary property tax the council levies annually. The meeting will include the first public hearing on these actions.

"Annually, the council levies what's called a primary property tax for general operation of the government," Carpenter said. "It's miniscule compared to the overall property tax levy of the county which is about $11."

This year, the levy will decrease by $.01 per $100 assessed valuation.

The secondary rate is for projects that were approved by voters several years ago.

Although the exact amount was unknown when the agenda was printed, the levy last year was $.069 per $100 assessed valuation.

"I doubt people will even notice it," Carpenter said.

The second public hearing on the tax levies is scheduled for Aug. 14.

Broadband on the horizon

The council will be considering an agreement with a company called Canyon Broadband for the placement of antennas on the airport water tank.

If approved, this means that Payson residents could soon have access to wireless Internet services.

"The lawyers still don't have the final agreements ready so that may have to be postponed," Carpenter said. "I don't want people to get too excited."

Payson Pines returns

Representatives from the Payson Pines subdivision are coming back before the council for a zoning change on a seven-acre parcel on McLane Road.

The developers originally requested the change for a 32-lot subdivision called Payson Pines Unit 3. The council nearly denied the request because the developers had not found a water supply, which is required for more than 20 lots. However, the conditions of the zoning change were that a new water supply be found before the change would go into effect, so the council approved the ordinance.

Payson Pines representative Brian Young told the council that the original developer sold them the extra water left over from downsizing the first Payson Pines.

Public Works Director Buzz Walker said instead that a council action would have been required for water credits and no such action was ever taken, nor is there any documentation to show that the town participated in an agreement with the developers regarding use of excess water.

Rather than finding an additional water supply, the developers have decided to downscale the development to 20 lots.

This is the first public hearing for a zoning change request.

The special meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. in the council chambers at town hall.

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