Vote For Streets, Safety, Parks



The Capital Improvements Projects Committee worked many long hours to arrive at the $9,112,889 worth of bonds that it felt were the most important of the $40 million in projects that was presented to the group.

The time is right for these projects. Costs for any of these projects will only rise. Interest rates are at their lowest rate in 49 years. There is not enough money in the town budget to handle these projects without going to bond.

The streets include two signal projects, three sidewalk projects, two new street projects and refurbishing five streets. The street projects will help take some of the traffic load off the Highway 260 and 87 intersection if locals will use these new routes.

Safety is critical to the residents of our community. With the proposed communication package, our police and fire departments will be able to spend more time on the street protecting us and less time in the office trying to gather information.

Along with the communication, a new fire station is now proposed to be built at Highway 260 and East Tyler Parkway. This project probably won't even be built for about five years, but it is a project that is needed. We have no fire protection from the Payson Fire Department for the eastern side of Payson. Currently, that area is serviced by a contract with Diamond Star Fire Department and that is costing the town money.

These bonds would fund two Payson Parks and Recreation projects.

One is synthetic turf. Currently there are more groups wanting to be involved in sporting activities than we can handle. Most of these groups pay a fee to use these fields. The synthetic turf that is proposed takes no water, no reseeding, and no mowing which relieves maintenance employees to work in other areas.

Covering of the Event Center will produce revenue for the town. As it is now, the Event Center is not adequate for the type of events that could be generated. It is far too hot in the summer to sit outside for a concert, tractor pull or a rodeo. Promoters won't come to the venue as they can't take the chance of not filling it due to the heat or the event being rained out, which has happened on several occasions. The tickets to anything at the Event Center include sales taxes, which goes to the town's general fund. Hopefully those people who attend these events will also eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels and shop in our stores. All these activities create sales tax revenue for our town.

I want to urge all of you to vote yes for streets, safety and parks.

Judy Miller, Payson

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