Keep Payson Out Of Debt; Vote No



As sure as God made little green apples, your property taxes are going up, and your water table is going down.

The town fathers have decided to use our borrowing power for a lot of things that are nice, but not absolutely necessary. We must save our borrowing power for what is necessary, and that is a water supply for the future. The town has told us we have reached safe yield on our wells. In other words, we are using more water than the good Lord can replenish. The town has already approved 2000 water hook-ups for homes not yet built. That's approximately 35 percent more water than is being used now. Where is this water coming from? You and I?

Pine and Williams may have found the answer in expensive deep wells (up to 4000 feet) that tap a huge aquifer in something called the "red wall granite aquifer".

I hope we are trying to determine if the "R" aquifer is deep below Payson. If it is, it could be our answer to our water problem. We all must save our borrowing power to find water by voting no on the upcoming bond election.

I would like to drive a Cadillac SUV, and I have the borrowing power to do so, but I drive a Ford Explorer. Why? Because I don't like the big payments and want to save my borrowing power for things that are necessary. The town of Payson must do the same.

Vote no on the wants of the bond issue, and yes on a necessary water supply to guarantee our future.

The citizens' committee did an excellent job in putting together a priority list of things we should buy with this borrowed money. It kind of reminded me of a teenager with his first credit card. Ouch. But, wait. Isn't there something missing? Oh, I know what it is. It is the committee that should have been formed to decide if we should put the town of Payson in deep debt in the first place. Vote no.

Jim Matych, Payson

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