What's Up?


Q: What is the total amount of our tax dollars spent on the Main Street project so far?

A: This multi-part question, required a multi-part answer from Glenn Smith, town of Payson chief fiscal officer.

To date, $382,496 in tax dollars, either directly or through grants, has been spent since 2001 on the Main Street Project, the proposed history park and its ancillary costs. The Main Street Project, makes up $305,692 of that total. The park land and development has cost $76,804 so far.

The business improvement portion has cost $169,037 in grant money. The property owners, thus far, have put a total of $38,280 into the projects.

The new Main Street sign cost $11,752, with only $4,986 in state money used. The balance was from private donations. Main Street Project salaries have totaled $125,039 between FY 2001-02 and July 2003.

The cost for advertising, during that same period, has been $6,630.

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