With The New Tax Increase, Who Will Buy Here?



Last Saturday, I stopped to pick up a few things at Safeway and found myself behind a lady, who was from some place other than Payson, complaining bitterly to the poor check-out person about the outrageously high sales tax.

I then stopped at Corral West to buy a new shirt and found myself paying for my selection behind a fellow from Flagstaff who was berating the poor sales person over the 8.6 percent sales tax.

Could this small sample be indicative of the attitude of many of these so-called tourists who are going to be happy to pay our new higher sales tax should the proposed bond issue pass?

I cannot help hoping that the lie, "let the tourists pay for our improvements," even if told often enough and forcefully enough, will not hold water with people who think and care about the future of our town.

When I got home, I sat down to pay my bills and, in so doing, I took particular note of the tax portion of the utility bills. I was astounded by the amount of tax that made up the total of the various bills. To make matters worse, I then read the material mailed out to Payson residents explaining the proposed bond issue. I took special note of the assessment that will be levied against commercial and industrial property for the roads issue. The business community will most certainly pass on to the consumer that rather large property tax adjustment along with the sales tax increase.

The question then becomes who will buy here?

I have purchased five new cars at Chapman since I moved to Payson. I have paid the differential in the sales tax because I wanted to support the local businesses and I thought the prices, and particularly the service that I received, were very good. If the higher tax rates are passed, I will be forced to re-evaluate the price of buying locally.

If the council had spent as much time and had as many discussions about water as they have had about roads, sidewalks and remodeling the Main Street fire station, they would be bringing to us a solution to the most pressing issue facing the town. Ensuring a certain and long term water supply would be worthy of a tax increase on property.

Ronald Haar, Payson

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