Council Battles ‘Challenging' Agenda


Although the agenda for Thursday's meeting of the Payson Town Council is lengthy, much of it is consent, meaning that with one vote, items can be approved.

"It's definitely a challenging agenda," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "But we haven't had a meeting in five weeks and we won't have another one until Sept. 25."

Community development complaints

Due to some residents' complaints about the town's building department, the council is considering hiring L.L. Decker & Associates -- a consulting firm that would work with the public and the department to evaluate operations and identify areas of concern.

"We decided to do some public outreach for the Community Development Department to find out what the problems are and help improve things," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said that those who have had issues with the building department will have a chance to bring those issues forward.

The resolution states the consulting agreement is not to exceed $5,000.

Yielding right of way

Most of the consent items are related to the chip-sealing program that will improve dirt roads throughout town.

"We had a discussion in January about the pavement of about eight miles of dirt roads," Carpenter said.

When the council agreed to chip seal the roads, most of which are in Granite Dells Estates, they asked that property owners sign over their rights-of-way to the town.

"The resolutions are all the rights-of-way being accepted," Carpenter said. "They have to sign over rights-of-way to us so that we can accept maintenance. We don't want to accept maintenance on a road that's not ours."

The council will begin accepting bids on the chip seal program soon.

Westerly Improvement

A resolution of intent is what the council must approve for the creation of an improvement district.

"Messinger Funeral Home approached the council in June and proposed an improvement district that would build Westerly Drive across from Main Street to Aero," Carpenter said.

Meetings of the town council begin at 6 p.m. in council chambers at town hall, 303 N. Beeline Highway. They are open to the public.

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