If We Can Imagine A Solution, We Can Find It



Hooray for Otis M. Trimble. At least he has the interest and energy to react to my suggestions about the technology of water conservation!

No one else seems to be interested in the least. Indeed, three cheers for Otis!

There is no mystery about what I am suggesting.

Substantially waterless toilets have been around here in the U.S. and in Europe for a good while. Not many of them are worth the fuel it would take to burn them, but very little serious development work has been applied to them. The existing market is seen as simply too small. Take a look on the Internet under "waterless toilets."

Likewise, water-reclaiming technology already exists and is rather more advanced than toilet technology, but it is primarily for large-scale applications, not on-site applications. Again, the market is seen as simply too small. Again, take a look on the Internet under "water recycling."

So, Mr Trimble, turn on your imagination and enthusiasm. Do not waste the limited time you have in life in scoffing. Get out there and raise the cry to get our water problems solved in an elegant and sustainable fashion, using our minds and energies constructively as the Good Lord intends that we should always do.

There is nothing, except perhaps peace, that man can imagine that he cannot, in due course, bring to fruition.

Mr Trimble, in the event of success while we both shall live, the kowtow is waived.

I have no financial interest in any of this, but I sure would like to have.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Property owner in Payson, Chandler

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