Mom-And-Pop Shops Offer Sense Of Community



Re: Freedom of Choice

Two of the many freedoms we hold dear are free enterprise and freedom of choice. While many may not have noticed, a battle is on for freedom of choice, and the winner will decide how our community is shaped!

Some examples:

La Cucina Paradiso vs. Chili's

The Small Cafe and Beeline Cafe vs. McDonald's and Jack-in-the-Box

Bagels and More vs. Starbucks

Charlie's Meat & Sausages vs. Safeway

Planet Video vs. Blockbuster and Movie Gallery

The defining line is local business owners versus the franchised owner. When the revenue of the day is counted, the franchisee has a portion of their revenue siphoned off by the franchiser, and that is money that has left the community for good!

Take a look around -- who has Santa's List emblems in the window? Who has cans for donations for the local boy suffering from cancer? Who has the awards for serving the community during the Rodeo-Chediski Fire?

My wife and I have gone out of our way to engage the services of Shreeve Roofing, Vitale Drywall, SSII Painting, Christian Plumbing, etc. because they are locally-owned, and offered good service for the dollar.

We came to Payson because of the sense of community. Our fear is that someday, if the residents don't patronize the local business owner, we will be no different than the community down the hill we left! Freedom of choice is in the hands of the people of Payson. How do you want your community to be?

John G. Wakelin, Payson

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