Arrests Made For Stolen Bikes


Two Payson High School students were arrested Wednesday and charged with the theft of two high-end BMX-style bicycles.

The bikes, valued at $600 and $1000, were left unlocked outside the school Monday morning.

"On Wednesday, I put the information about the stolen bikes in the school bulletin," Payson Police Officer Steve Montgomery said. "Right after the announcement was read, I started getting contacts from students who had seen two boys taking the bikes. These students just assumed the bikes belonged to the boys, but when the bulletin came out, they decided to report what they saw."

Montgomery, who is the school resource officer, used the information from witnesses to complete his investigation and make the arrests.

"One of suspects took me to where the bikes were hidden in the forest," Montgomery said. "I recovered both bikes and they're in good shape."

Montgomery said he hopes that students will not be afraid to get involved if they see something suspicious happening on campus.

"If students see anything that seems out of the ordinary, they should go ahead and contact me or their school administrators," Montgomery said. "They don't have to feel like they're being a snitch. We want this to be a safe school where students can come and not have to worry about being ripped off. It takes a team effort for that to happen."

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