English Only Law Ignored



Welcome to North Mexico.

Sometime back, I believe it was in 1987, we voted to have English as our accepted language. The majority was in favor of that, and yet we have had more voting material etc., than ever printed in Spanish.

Why can't these people have a friend translate for them? Why?

I have seen children go through eight years in school and still the parent does not speak English. Instead, the schools are telling the English-speaking children they must learn Spanish.

If they want their own language and culture, why don't they stay in Mexico and help pick up their country instead of tearing ours down?

They hop over the border to birth their children, which puts their foot in the door. Then, they clog our medical and welfare rolls and try their best to turn our great state of Arizona into North Mexico.

Mexicans, if you don't want to learn the language; if you don't want to be American citizens, go home!!

By the way, how come we don't have Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese, etc. along with the English and Spanish?

Could this be discrimination?

Call President Bush: 1-202-456-1111.

Marvin Joachim, Payson

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