Give Rover A Ride For A Change Of View



In last week's column, I talked about providing stimulation so your dog does not get bored. I neglected to mention going for rides in the car.

Even when it is hot, the dog can ride to the post office or on a quick errand. The danger comes when he is left in the hot car for more than a couple of minutes. The inside of the car can get much hotter than the air temperature. Most dogs love going in the car and it proves to be a real treat. If it has been a particularly uneventful day around here for the dogs and I am feeling guilty, I just call out -- "Who wants to go in the car?" and the three come running. They jump in the back and off we go. Sometimes there is a real destination and sometimes we just take a drive. Either way, they love it.

Plans for the Pet Fair, also known as Dog Day in the Park, are under way. The schedule includes lots of fun activities, games, contests, races, booths, raffles, pet treats, demonstrations, educational events and lots more. If you or someone you know would like to have a booth at the Pet Fair, contact me at the address below. Be sure to mark October 4th on your calendar. The event is at the Paws in the Park Off Leash Dog Park in Rumsey Park directly across from the new library.

We still are having some very hot days. Remember to have lots of water available for your pets both inside and outside and clean the dishes and change the water regularly. Also, watch your dog's waistline. If he is less active in the summer, doing more lying around, it might be good to cut back on the amount you feed. Continue to feed twice a day but just cut back the quantity a bit if your dog or cat is looking a little out of shape. Regular brushing is not only a nice way to spend time with your pet, but it also keeps him cooler. Longhaired dogs have air circulating through their coats when it is free of mats and dead hair. Also, with regular grooming, you will notice any changes or injuries that might need attention. Check between the toes and in the ears for stickers and other painful intruders.

School is back in session so the dogs can really be lonely during the day. Make sure they are part of the family when the family is home. A nice walk after dinner is fun for everyone.

Christy Wrather can be reached by e-mail at, or by snail-mail at HC1 Box 210, Strawberry, AZ 85544.

Spay/neuter clinic Aug. 26-28

The Arizona Humane Society's Mobile Spay/Neuter & Animal Wellness Center will be visiting Payson Tuesday, Aug. 26 through Thursday, Aug. 28.

The clinic, which will be located in the Bashas' parking lot, will accept animals on a first-come, first serve basis beginning at 7 a.m. each day. Male cats are $25 and male dogs are $45. Female cats are $35 and female dogs are $55-$65.

For more information on adopting a kitten or the spay/neuter clinic, call the Payson Humane Society at 474-5590.

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