Girls Hit Gridiron In ‘Gi Jane'


For unknown reasons, the traditional game is no longer called a "Powder Puff" football showdown. Instead the annual Payson High School event is now the "GI Jane Football Game."

The contest, which is sponsored by student council, will be played 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Aug. 23 on the PHS football field.

Although the name of the frivolous fray has changed, it will continue to feature the usual format in which girls battle in the football clash and the boys take on the role of the cheerleaders.

One of the teams will be made up of freshman and seniors. The other team is made up of sophomores and juniors.

The game will be contested in two 20-minute halves. At halftime, there will be plenty of games and activities that will keep the spectators on the edge of their seats. Also on the agenda are class competitions and performances by the cheerleaders.

No matter what it's called, the evening is a fun one for all.

Calendar ad space available

In the strapped-tight Payson High School athletic budget, there is seldom enough money to fund all the sports the school offers. That's why the football, basketball and baseball programs depend heavily on the funds earned through the sale of Longhorn sports calendar-posters.

According to Chuck Hallock, who sponsors the Longhorn sports posters through his Summit Sports company, the calendar sales annually generate over $6,000 for the three sports programs.

"In some cases it is used for uniforms, sometimes it is team travel," Hallock said. "But in all cases, it bridges the gap from budget shortfalls."

Hallock usually prints and distributes almost 1,000 of the calendars that are highlighted with the schedules of the teams.

Through the years, increased competition for advertising space has come from out-of-state companies who do not donate any funds back to Payson High School.

PHS coaches and athletic director Dave Bradley do not authorize calendars produced by out-of-state companies. However, because school schedules are public information, they remain legal if not a bit tainted.

This year, Hallock says he's encountered even more competition that has slowed the ad sales of Summit calendars.

For $175, local businesses can purchase space and sponsorship on the calendars that will be printed and distributed soon.

To purchase ad space on the new calendars, call Hallock at 474-6402.

Former coach starts links program

Former Tempe High School coach John Pauley is spearheading a move to have a beginner and intermediate school-aged golf program in Payson. Details of the new program are not complete but it is expected to tee-off Aug. 21.

Interested youngsters can register to participate at Payson Golf Course. Call Pauley at 474-4955 for more information.

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