Is This One Of The Reasons Greenspoon Left?



Community bond issues are faced by most municipalities as they grow. The three different bonds each are to be voted on. Let the people of Payson vote their own decisions and try to deal with the rapid growth. I moved here ten years ago, and have seen many changes to the business climate. Some big new stores and others going out of business.

The reason for this letter is to express my opinion on the various streets that were chosen for their improvements. Now most people will agree that McLane by Airport Road is a mess and a busy street worthy of realignment and costs. But I don't see how or why West Frontier (1st Street) was left out. We have the Post Office (Federal), Department of Motor Vehicles (State) and Bonanza Square, Gila County Court House, Gila County Sheriffs Office, (County) and the Assessors Office (some Payson facilities) all within basically the junctions of South Colcord Rd. and West Frontier Street.

With all these important and necessary government offices, it only stands to reason that the most busy streets would be South Colcord and West Frontier and Main. Main Street received its improvements some years ago. Colcord Road, last year. But what about the other "highly driven street"? West Frontier between South Colcord and McLane has to be really the worst street in Payson. Many children walk to school down West Frontier in its dangerous condition.

Since West Frontier falls within the Master Plan of the Main Street Redevelopment Program, you would think that it would be near the top of the list. Whoever decided which streets were more important, I really don't know.

When Karen Greenspoon left for a "better" job in the Tucson area, she did mention some conflicts of interest that she was having to deal with. She accomplished many worthwhile improvements with the attaining of grants that didn't cost us anything. By doing so, with future insight, she knew with a "fun, spruced up Old Town and local surrounding areas" that it would help Payson attract tourists. This program would have helped offset some of the tax increase of the current bond issues.

Voting to support the bond for the streets that were chosen and not improving a very busy secondary street doesn't make much sense.

Kent Alexander, Payson

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