Reward Leads To Capture Of One Fugitive


A cash reward offered by police has led to the arrest of one fugitive, while another remains at large.

Late last week, Payson police announced cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of two men they believe responsible for a variety of criminal acts in the community. Shortly after the information was broadcast on the radio, police received a tip that resulted in the capture of one of the individuals.


Shannon Chambers was apprehended Friday, Aug. 15.

Lt. Don Engler said he couldn't reveal the specifics of the criminal acts, but said both men are involved in methamphetamine use and sales as well as a possible fledgling white supremacist group.

Police offered $500 for information leading to the arrest of Shannon Chambers, 26 and $250 for Ron Mitchell, 37.

"We began getting information on the location where Chambers was on Thursday evening," Engler said.

Police began surveillance of the home in Star Valley where Chambers was said to be staying.


Ron Mitchell is still at large.

"Throughout the night, officers continued to watch that residence," Engler said. "Shortly after 6 a.m., Friday morning, officers were able to apprehend him."

Chambers is being held in the Globe jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Police continue to look for Mitchell.

Chambers and Mitchell were loosely associated, Engler said, and may be involved trying to start up a white supremacist group.

"Eighteen months ago, we started having several of these people who had been in prison and associated with a white supremacist organization released from prison, and we saw an influx of them here," Engler said. "Obviously with that type of attitude and mentality, they are starting to congregate together and that is a concern for us. We've had reports of assaults on people that aren't associated with the group or who are from another ethnic group," he said.

According to Engler, Chambers has a long criminal history in Payson, including his involvement in the 1997 murder of local businessman Clarence Morrison, to which Chambers pleaded guilty to facilitation to commit first-degree murder and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

"We've dealt with him for several years," Engler said. "People are fearful of him."

Chambers was wanted for a felony warrant for failure to appear on charges of inciting a riot and a probation violation on an assault charge.

Mitchell is wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on a forgery charge.

Anyone with information on Mitchell may provide it anonymously.

"We are using a silent witness reporting system where people call in and provide information and can do it anonymously if they prefer," Engler said. "If their information leads to the arrest of the individual, we will make arrangements to get them paid the reward money."

Support Services Supervisor Della Bradley described how informants can remain anonymous.

"When someone calls dispatch, we will assign them a number," Bradley said, "and if they call back, they need to use their number so we can track information."

Although Mitchell has been sighted frequently in town limits, he may be in peripheral communities such as Star Valley or Mesa del Caballo.

Anyone with information can call (928) 474-5177.

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