What's Up?


Q: Why isn't the new section of Main Street open and being used?

A: The new section of the road has been finished and dedicated to the town, according to Realtor Tom Waddington, agent for the property owners, but the town cannot take possession of the road until the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality reviews and approves the sewer lines installed under the road. Once that approval is in hand, the town can make its final inspection and open the road for business.

Q: How are people selected for jury duty, from the voter registration list or from driver's licenses?

A: According to Sylvia Badilla in the Gila County Superior Court Clerk's Office, both lists are used. The court creates its jury pools through a computer system that merges both the voter registration list and the list of people with driver's licenses; then when a jury is needed, the pool is drawn randomly by the computer program, called Jury Plus.

"People ask why they never get called for jury duty, and I have to tell them we don't have anything to do with it. It's the computer," Badilla said.

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