Animal Owners, Your Best Friend Misses You



During recent months of volunteering at the Payson Humane Society, various adult cats have been brought in. They are beautiful, and some so sweet and affectionate. One beautiful calico girl came in this week -- she is obviously someone's beloved companion, but has no collar or tag or identification. Every time this happens, I wonder why no one comes to look for their precious feline friend.

The staff at the Humane Society does a phenomenal job day after day, with caring and competence, to provide a clean, comfortable environment for a multitude of cats and dogs. My thought is always, if only there were some identification, they could be reunited with their families!

Please, Payson, give the Humane Society a call, or come right away to look for your missing animal companion, or, better yet, provide them with a quick release collar and tag, or flexible piece of elastic, with your phone number written on it. Your friend misses you.

Mary Nell Leyba, Payson

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