Experience, Inventory Are Key Elements At Payson Art & Frame


Opening only about three months ago, Payson Art & Frame is new on the business scene of the Rim country. But owner Greg Allerton brings years of experience in framing all kinds of artwork to the community.

"Prior to coming here, I had a store in Scottsdale for eight years and before that I had a store in the Midwest, near Chicago, for 15 years," Allerton said. "So, I have been in the framing business more than 20 years."


Greg Allerton, owner of Payson Art & Frame, inspects his framing work one last time before wrapping the artwork for his client.

He was brought to Payson through an arrangement with his friends Jackie and Bob Gerhard, owners of the new Payson furniture store, Buster Kittwhistle's, where Payson Art & Frame shares space.

"They wanted to get out of Phoenix and decided on the small-town atmosphere of Payson, and I came along," he said. "Regardless of where they settled, I was going to go with them. The two businesses complement each other well."

Matting and framing artwork was not Allerton's first career choice. He began his business life with a paint, wallpaper and decorating store and added custom framing to it as a side line. Eventually, he sold all the rest of the business off to specialize in framing.

"I have an art background and have always enjoyed working with the public, helping them choose the right combination of matting, framing and mounting," he said. "It makes all the difference in the presentation of their artwork."

He said there are about 2,000 different framing styles he can offer customers through Payson Art & Frame. He has everything from contemporary mats and frames to rustic pieces. Allerton also offers specialty services such as shadow box framing for memorabilia and conservation framing for fine art.

"There are different price structures to meet the needs of clients," he said. "I am offering a service that is needed, plus the expertise to provide people with the best possible designs for their artwork."

Allerton said it generally takes a week to have an order ready once it has been placed. He said he has found his clients' taste to be as varied as his inventory.

"I probably have the most extensive line of matting and framing in the Rim country," Allerton said.

As for his time off, working six days a week he doesn't have much of it, but Allerton said he enjoys off-roading and hiking. Now single, he has a son, 20, living in Phoenix, and a daughter, 16, who lives in Ohio with her mother.

Payson Art & Frame, at 614 N. Beeline Highway, is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For more information, call Allerton at (928) 472-4414.

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