Water List Demonizes Residents



Cheers to the Payson Roundup for covering the issue of water conservation. There are few better topics to promote, especially during times of drought. However, doing so at the expense of privacy is not appropriate. People using vast amounts of water should be penalized with the arrival of the water bill -- not their local newspaper. The practice unfairly demonizes residents and, as Mr. Woods put it in his letter to the editor, turns neighbor against neighbor.

People should be encouraged to use less water through informative stories highlighting the dangers of not practicing conservation. Extol those who have found new and better ways to turn off the tap. Tell people why they should not waste this valid resource. Even go so far, if you like, of chiding in editorials the unidentified water wasters. But naming these people and holding them up for public ridicule and scorn is a doomed practice for all sides.

Brian Anderson, Oakland, Calif.

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