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Q: What efforts did the town make to notify the water users on the Top 10 list of their excessive use before the list was published? Is there a system in place that if my home had a broken pipe I wasn't aware of I would be notified in advance?

A: "We have what's called a high users report, and if there is a big deviation from normal we notify those people that they may have something wrong," Public Works Director Buzz Walker said. "But if you're a traditional high water user, (consumption) doesn't vary and the logic of the computer doesn't pick it up.

"We don't have anybody dedicated to notifying high water users, but with all the extensive efforts we've done on water management and public education since 1998, we figure there have been so many occasions for the public to be notified that nobody could have any doubt about the water situation. We even print messages on the water bills every month. It goes back to the idea that the citizen has some responsibility to keep yourself informed.

"We assume that people know that the average house uses 7,500 gallons a month, and that if you deviate much above that you're using too much. Those people know that it's dry. They know that they have a garden hose in their hand. They know that they have a lawn. We can't be out knocking on everyone's door."

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