Where Are The Cold, Hard Facts?



Response to recall of Christopher/Kohls Fire Board.

One of the things I value most about Christopher Creek is our strong sense of community. Neighbors care for neighbors, supporting one another through hard times, and rejoicing with each other during good times. Now an anonymous group is threatening that sense of community.

Unless the coalition is ready to stand up and be counted, they should not be taken seriously. The fire board has a right to know their accusers.

Furthermore, I have read their charges and find little substance. Anyone can make accusations; however, unless these accusations are substantiated with cold, hard facts, they are meaningless. Certainly the residents of Christopher Creek are much too wise to be duped by these tactics.

The basic issue seems to be a matter of perspective. The fire board is fiscally conservative, choosing to channel their funds into equipment and to keep taxpayer assessments low. The coalition and the fire chief would like to spend more on personnel and less on equipment.

However, since the fire board is charged with managing the budget, their perspective prevails, as it should. They are our elected officials and were returned to office because the community endorses their management style.

We need to remember that the fire board serves without pay and is primarily concerned with keeping our community and our firefighters safe. What is the coalition's primary goal? Until we know who they are, how can we know what they stand for? One thing we do know for sure is that this sort of thing seems to follow Fire Chief Kent Courtney. There were attempts to recall the two previous fire boards for which he worked. Both recalls failed. Let's make sure that the third time is not the charm in Christopher Creek.

Karen Thornton, Vice President, Christopher Creek Homeowner's Association

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