Changing Face Of America



Re: Illegal Immigration

It is a great source of encouragement for man to feel that he has conscience on his side. In the bout for illegals, this great land of freedom is being used by large corporations to smuggle workers from all over the world. They call it the Brain Drain.

My state, Hawaii, is loaded by illegal Orientals. Chinese are coming into Hawaii, then to the Mainland, with false entry documents. Across America, Hindus from India are being smuggled in by the thousands to run hotels, motels and other businesses purchased by rich smugglers.

Take a trip across this nation. The face of race has changed across America. The immigrants are pouring into their own districts, and creating separate districts like old China Town, and each district is speaking their own language, having their own stores, restaurants, etc.

As for South America and Mexico, we hung them up to dry while we built Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, and, to this day, we are assisting China and Russia and other European countries, when we should have assisted our neighbors on this great American continent. Instead of a strong South America, now we are getting nothing but their trash and corruption from these poor nations just south of us.

When will our government ever take the necessary action to stop the flow of unwanted immigrants and criminals sneaking across both borders? Think about it, then let them know you are very serious about this issue. It will take more than one of us.

Lawrence D. Okendo, Payson

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