A New Look For An Old Highway



If you have not been around Highway 260 and Control Road, there is a drastic change of scenery. The work has started for the new highway just across the entrance of Tonto Village.

The work crew has been clearing out many of the pine trees in record time. There are now many open areas where the trees have been taken down. I have noticed the smell of pine when leaving or coming back from town. I love that smell, but it is sad to see the trees come down. I realize that there is a price to be paid for modernization and progress, there also must be sacrifice of some sort.


Denny and Mary Kindler love to ride their quad around Bear Flat and they have come up with a way that Denny's mother can enjoy the outdoors, too. Is this the ultimate quad mother-in-law seat?

The new highway should be much safer for everyone who needs to use the road every day. There will be many delays along the way, and we should all be patient in traveling this stretch of road.

Please be mindful of the heavy equipment and give them a wide berth, and please watch for the emergency vehicles when they are out on call. They will need to get through the traffic as quickly as possible.

Labor Day Bash

The fire department and its auxiliary is geared up for our Labor Day Celebration this weekend. Everything will get started at noon with the barbecue on the patio of the Double D. Please remember that there will be parking spaces available at the Tonto Village Chapel --lease do not park on the road. Hopefully, there will be no emergencies, but in case there are, the emergency vehicles need to get through the village.

The parade starts at 1 p.m. with the lineup starting at the Tonto Village Chapel. Remember to buy those raffle tickets for the Sunbeam grill, the patriotic lap quilt and the NASCAR collectible racing cars. I was corrected on this point, I did not know the difference between Indy style and NASCAR cars. I found out in a hurry from the volunteer firemen who know their cars that Indy style is with the wheels sticking out from the frame of the car, and NASCAR does not have the wheels sticking out.

Also, don't forget to bake something extra for the bake sale and the cupcake walk for the kids. Please do not bring anything that would need to be refrigerated.

Birthdays, etc.

Jan Davenport will be adding another candle to her birthday cake Aug. 31. Jan helps out at the Double D doing just about everything, and we appreciate her. Happy birthday, Jan.

Bowling results

The Double D bowling team made up of Ethel and Danny Cain, Cassie Reeves and George Saba received the honor of finishing in first place in the summer bowling league.

If you would like more information on joining a Tonto Village bowling team, contact Ethel at (928) 478-4477.

Tonto Village Fire District

A slash compactor will be available at Meads and Collins Ranch Saturday, Aug. 30 for those people who have cleared their properties and have pine needles and brush that needs to be cleared away. This same slash compactor was at Diamond Point last Saturday and collected at least two loads of slash. The compactor is part of the RPAP program to help property owners clear their properties and lessen the fire danger.

Pool shots

The ladies pool team played Tuesday evening at the Double D. Betty Koutz, Phyllis Mullen and Candy Hart from Christopher Creek took the top three honors.

Sunday afternoon, Sam Coe, Cliff Landrum and Betty Koutz shot for first, second and third place. Congratulations to all the winners.

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