Chief Doesn't Instigate, He Inspires



I've read several people attempting to defame our present fire chief with being an instigator or troublemaker. These people do not know Mr. Kent Courtney, nor are they even volunteers. One is a paid employee of the board, another has past issues with most of the volunteers and the other is a fire board officer.

I will agree that he is not perfect, no one is. I do not always agree with him but I do respect his opinion.

He has occasionally responded to personal attacks only to regret it. His normal response, as I have seen, is to sit there, thick skinned and take the abuse.

Fire board members and others have insinuated that he is self-serving. This is a man who has made a career out of helping others in their time of need. He is an instructor/teacher who revels in his ability to teach others to save lives. Besides the 40 hours he is paid for, he also volunteers his paramedic/firefighter services to our community 24/7. He is obviously quite the contrary to these claims.

The fire board has continued to accuse the chief of initiating the recall petition being circulated, although they have been told by the organizers, the chief and the paperwork that he is not involved. Their own actions should be clear to themselves.

The chief has been tagged with "this sort of thing seems to follow" him, and maybe it does, because the chief inspires people to want to get involved and improve their abilities. Education is a large part of this in the fire/EMS systems, politics are another. When people get involved, they can find solutions maybe overlooked by others. When they, and the people that appreciate them are overlooked, a breakdown occurs.

It has here, at the fire board level.

Criticizing him for generating as much enthusiasm in the district as possible is hypocritical to why we hired him.

I just think we need to remember that we have gotten quite a good deal for our dollar with the Chief and we should not just allow him to be the scapegoat while ignoring the larger problems facing our whole district.

Jeff Daniels, Taxpayer/Volunteer, Colcord Estates, Christopher Creek

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